SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Mayor Kevin Johnson issued a statement Wednesday night about a meeting with the Kings co-owners, the Maloofs, about the future of the NBA franchise.

“I appreciate the Maloofs for meeting with me tonight. We had a candid and productive conversation about our mutual goals and interests.  I made clear that our community wants the Kings to stay, but we are fully aware that this is ultimately their decision.  The Maloofs understand that regardless of what they choose, I will join with other leaders across the region to fight for what’s best for our community. This includes developing a new entertainment and sports complex, with or without the Kings.  I fully expect to continue an open, direct and proactive dialogue with the Maloofs as we all move forward.”


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  1. Jen says:

    In other words “they’re leaving.” If they leave we’ll NEVER get another NBA franchise to come to Sacramento and the arena we’ll build will never be for a profit if we don’t have a “NBA” type commodity to use it! SAD. 😦

  2. Kevin Johnson says:

    It’s over put it to BED!!! Have a nice Life down South in the LA area!!!

  3. susie95603 says:

    Boooo ! A sports arena without the Kings, Okay Kevin keep dreaming.

  4. Bob says:

    Our community does not want the Kings to stay….Johnson is just ANOTHER OUT OF TOUCH POLITATION, no public funds for rich playboys. We need more police, fire, street repairs, not a bunch of rich boys playing with a ball.

    1. daved2626 says:

      Bob, do you actually believe that a municipality can raise its revenue base in order to pay for such civil services without increasing the it’s potential income streams? Without increasing the city’s earning potential Sacramento City proper will continue to operate in deficit until it is forced to 1) declare bankruptcy OR 2) raise its tax base, only to stall the eventuality of declaring bankruptcy.

      Understand that the arena proposed is not being built using public funds with ownership interest being transferred to the “rich boys playing with a ball”. Rather the arena space will be LEASED to the Maloofs. A lease, and the resulting sales tax generated from increase in traffic at local bars, hotels, restaurants etc., is a source of REVENUE. REVENUE is INCOME. INCOME is what is needed to afford the civil services that you mention and avoid a $43 MILLION deficit, this is not even considering the county’s $100 million deficit.

      So either the arena is built OR the city continues to lay off hundreds of employees each year, reducing SERVICES like police & firefighters, while the city infrastructure (pot holes and streets) continue to crumble, taxes go up on gas, electricity and everything else you buy in the city limits, and then the city is forced to declare bankruptcy regardless.

      If your argument is that we have been fine without a downtown arena thus far, I remember 10 years ago when the mayor of Sacramento was a part time position. In short the city & the region has grown and now it needs to continue to grow in order to avoid further recession

    2. Manny Tezza says:

      learn to spell buddy! We need a hockey team here, not a bunch of monkeys after a ball

  5. Bob is out of touch says:

    Bob it’s clear you don’t understand the entire picture. If you want all those public services, you have to have someone pay for them. A pro sports team brings jobs and businesses to the region, so the region is a net contributor to public accounts. I can tell you’re a democrat who thinks the government is too big to fail and should provide for everything and private industry should pay for everything.

    1. Bob says:

      No I am not a democrat… a Republican who is tried of the rich playboys and there ball kids who only provide low pay service jobs and take all the money and run home to Vegas. Goverment as run by the current democrats here and in Wash DC is failing.

  6. Zzzzz says:

    “Why do you look so sad and forsaken? Don’t you know when one door closes, others will open?”- Bob Marley
    Never hasn’t happened yet, never say never.

  7. frustrated Sports fan says:

    Hey Bob… Speak for yourself. Their are plenty of NBA Kings fans in this community. You are not in touch with REALITY>>>>> The Kings’s leave, you can be guaranteed that there will be fewer police, fire persons, and street repairs. Why do so many people have issues with success??? They must be jealous because they are stay at home people who depend on the government for their self worth and income….

  8. bob says:

    Bob,are you one of them country boys who have lost touch with reality..I wonder how many jobs are going to be lost when the Kings move …Maybe about
    1000…How many jobs would be created if they stayed and a new arena is built,how much tax revenue would that create,how many teachers jobs would be saved…It is going to be a major blow to Sacramento..I quess there are to many people out there that are blind like you…

  9. frustrated Sports fan says:

    Or they are the die hard Laker’s fans who can care less about supporting a local team… And they don’t have to pay the Los Angeles taxes because they live here in the good ole cowtown…. Cheap skates!!!!

  10. john says:

    Bye Kings! Glad to see you leave. Take the crybaby fans with you.

  11. Gary Donnelly says:

    Why do other teams pay for their own yet local sports fans here accept the city to foot the bill. If the city pays, then, the city should have control. Other city’s have lost teams and survived . Sacramento will also.

  12. frustrated Sports fan says:

    Have you noticed that businesses are quickly closing shop in the downtown area. Even Westfield is trying to get out…

  13. frustrated Sports fan says:

    The city reaps the benefits of the income. It is called tax revenue. The more money made, the more taxes collected. Have you taken economics yet? You have to spend money to make money… Tax revenue will go down tremedously when the Kings move. The Kings players do spend money here in Sacto when they are here…. So do the fans who come from all over. All of that revenue will be lost. Oh, and by the way, it is not just Kings fans who visit the Pavilion. All of the other events that come to Sacto help this tax revenue too… Good by tax revenue!!!!

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