Grant joins us live from Power Balance pavilion for today’s show. Grant starts off with his thoughts on the March College Basketball games, the NFL lockout situation and takes calls from listeners. Then former Kings great Scot Pollard joins the show to give his picks on the NCAA tournament and also gives a great impersonation of N. Carolina coach Roy Williams then discusses how important shooting is to make it to the NCAA Championship game.

In the last hour Grant rants on the NFL trying to lockout players from attending the draft and how it’s not fair to take that moment away from these all American athletes who worked their whole lives to get to the pros. After the rant, listeners get a chance to respond and the phone lines stay open to discuss the Kings vs. Warriors game tonight, the Kings possible move to Anaheim and other headlines.

Comments (4)
  1. Doug Furr says:

    It sounds like a sure thing that the Kings are headed to Anaheim. I have vowed to not spend another dime ever on any venture tied into the Maloofs. I might see the Palms again, but only if they take PEACHES with them to Anaheim.

  2. Rob C` says:

    Here we go with the Phillies again. When the Phillies go head to head with the Gmen. Phils are a 500 team versus SF. That was last year. Then they went out and get a guy the Giants beat like a drum who wants to duck Tim for Matt. The Giants time is now. Not Philly’s.. The Giants have the Phillies number. They have a better pitching staff. Look at the stats. Don’t look at Philly crushing the scrubs. Giants win it again. If they don’t then we will know why. just because you wear a Philly uni doesn’t make you great. We have plenty of guys that wore those unis. That is why all the experts will be wrong again. And it won’t be a fluke. SF is younger, better and the team to beat.

  3. Rob C says:

    If they let Larry Ellison buy the Kings he would make them a winner. He could buy the whole league but they don’t want himto buy all the good players. They don’t want guys who don’t fear King David Stean.

  4. Encino Kawasaki says:

    Grant Napear needs to go. He is rude and offensive to callers. When he has a caller he disagrees with he has no patience and only wants to talk over them and cram his opinion down their throats.

    Now he is defending the Maloofs at all costs, probably trying to save his job with them. When the Kings leave, he will have nothing left in Sacramento. His whining about Sacramento being stupid is personal for him now. He is too ignorant to realize that Sacramento lacks the tax revenues to build a stadium even though he will note that there are precious few corporations around to buy suites at the arena. He is also ignorant of the fact that in the climate of the last several years taxpayers want nothing to do with the funding of his precious job.

    I admit that I take offense to Napear personally. I once called his show just to interject a humorous take on the discussion at hand and he quipped that I was one of the idiots that make his job miserable. I call his show once in a while just to see if I can get his goat again, and it doesn’t take much. This guy is a slob, and if he was in a job where he had to meet his customers, he would be a total failure. We’ll see if the Anaheimers can stand him.

    Reading about the T shirt episode where he threw a tizzy over charitable efforts to sell the shirts while poking fun at him epitomizes what a sack of S he is. He should forever be saddled with the nickname he cringes from. Long live PEACHES. Goodby Grant. Enjoy Disneyland.

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