STOCKTON (CBS13)  – A drunk driver slammed into a car carrying a family of five sending them all to the hospital early this morning, according to Stockton police.

The crash happened on Essex Street.  The crash was so intense it sent both vehicles slamming to a home in a ball of twisted metal.

Police say the two adults and three children in one car were taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries.

The driver of the other car has been arrested on felony drunk driving charges.

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  1. John says:

    Yes it seems Tim needs that to read

  2. Raul says:

    No thank you Tom I prefer to stay out of court, the sytem that is in place is broken. I am (Mexican) born in California and I can trace my roots back along with the Apache. My ancestors were in California before these so called americans were here. You call them illegal, but remember this was Mexico before the real imigrants or (illegals) as you say showed up. Now they want a giant wall on the border, They forget they were the ones telling the Germans that it was wrong to have a wall….

    1. jimmy says:

      Raul..You forgot to mention, how your people have very little class, And are really worthless, unless we need veggies… f.o

  3. my two cents says:

    hey raul, have you also forgotten how messed up your mexico country is and have you not seen how many of your so called people are in prison and have you not seen what a drain on the usa your people are, how about you people start saying you are americans you live here your kids are born here you should be proud of that not what happened years ago. if you love your mother land so much go back.

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