SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A spilt verdict has been reached in the case of a man accused in the hit and run killing of a security guard at a Sacramento nightclub back in 2009.

The jury found 24-year-old Michael Weisz not guilty of second-degree murder but guilty for hit and run in the death of 64-year-old security guard Leroy Fisher outside The Depot/Badlands Dance Club on 20th and K Street on September 23, 2009. 

Police had said that Weisz ran over Fisher after he and a friend were kicked out of the bar earlier in the night.

Fisher, known as ‘Pops’, worked at the club for 10 years.

Weisz will remain in custody because he was picked up for DUI while out on bail for the murder charges.

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  1. Ginger Reese says:

    He knew he hit something he should have checked to see what he hit. It is murder how ever you loo at it.

    1. R Jones says:

      I agree, he’s guilty and HE KNOWS HE IS! How can they find him not guilty? He hit someone, he ran, the person died . . . GUILTY! Just 3 months ago this dumb kid got a DUI, he was drinking the night he murdered Pops, too.

  2. Matt says:

    People and bar.
    Drinking makes a person becomes an airhead.

  3. SumWun says:

    What we have here, folks, is a case where crime DOES pay…. You see, had he stopped at the time of the accident, they would have tested his blood alcohol level, found him to be drunk, and then this would definitely be a case of – at the very least – vehicular manslaughter. BUT…. since he ran away (the crime that paid) to san francisco until he was sober, there was no proof of his intoxication (and I’m betting evidence of it might not have even been admissable in the trial).

    So, kids, here’s the lesson learned here today: If you get drunk and get behind the wheel and hit and kill someone, RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY AND HIDE UNTIL YOU’RE SOBER!!! The punishment for hit and run is far less severe that the punishment for any of the various manslaughter charges that come along with killing someone with your car after you’ve had too much to drink.

    I’m glad we’ve all learned something here today.

  4. Hereticmonk says:

    Justice in America. It seems the worse you are the better off you’ll be in our legal system. Sooner or later the citizens will remove this farce of a system and take justice in their own hands if this is the justice that will be served to them. Not even assault with a deadly weapon. Just hit and run. The jury sends the message that this was an accident and not a crime. When in fact he used his vehicle to murder the security guard. If he had been a police officer this would have been a different turnout all together. Something tells me this won’t be the last we hear of this man and his criminal behavior if this is the punishment he receives.

  5. wakeup1943 says:

    Any one else think that this spoiled drunk brat has well connected parents?

  6. POWER TOP says:

    He’s going to love prison. It’s going to be a dream come true for that nelly bottom. Taking it raw every day. That’s why he was at Badlands in the first place – looking for “something” to ride. Mmmhmmm. But seriously, this verdict is completely bull. The value of a human life seems more worthless when you run someone over and kill them with a car. It’s like a slap on the wrist whenever you “accidently” kill someone with your car. I hope Leroy Fisher’s family files a wrongful death lawsuit.

  7. Genuine813 says:

    Judgment is a double edged sword…. be careful. There is plenty in every religion that warns against the peril of judgment, It is not man’s place. If you do not believe in a higher power, then the the real repercussions of judgment, not righteous judgment that is God’s alone, is a heavy burden you bare alone.

  8. devils advocate says:

    He was not a peace officer but a private citizen who followed an ejected patron out to his car and assaulted him with a taser. A security gaurd has no more rights than any other citizen and he placed himself in harms way. If someone shocked you with a stun gun and you ran them over while fleeing what would you expect to happen to you? Maybe he was drunk we don’t realy know. He should have stopped but it wouldn’t of changed the outcome. Security 101 you dont follow someone out to thier car!

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