Talks Of Garrido Plea Deal May Fall Flat

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —  The talks of a possible plea deal for one of the most infamous criminal couples of all time may fall flat.

So, for two attorneys, Susan Gellman who is representing Phillip Garrido and Stephen Tapson who is defending Nancy Garrido, their best chance of getting their clients a deal may be before a jury of the couple’s peers.

“The way it stands right now, they are both going to trial,” says defense attorney Jennifer Mouzis.

But, it’s possible only one of the defendants may go to trial.

“If there is any chance of a plea bargain it’s going to be for Miss Garrido,” says Mouzis.

Mouzis says it doesn’t make sense for the D.A. to offer Phillip a deal and try Nancy.

“I don’t think they are going to allow the more culpable person to plead out and allow the less culpable person to go to trial,” said Mouzis.

Because the evidence against Phillip is irrefutable; he fathered two daughters with Jaycee. 

So, Mouzis thinks giving Phillip any type of deal and prosecuting Nancy would only help her defense.   And if Phillip pleads guilty to all charges against him, that could be a small victory for Nancy’s case.

“There would be an empty chair next to her and she could blame all of her conduct on his manipulation,” explains Mouzis.

This would be a shot Nancy’s attorney would like to have, even if it’s a long shot.


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