CERES, Calif. (CBS13) — Detectives arrested a mother for allegedly orchestrating a fight between two teen boys, including her son, in her front yard and then posting the video online.

The Ceres Police Department said Jennifer Zuniga, 33, can be heard encouraging her son while the two boys throw punches and grapple in the front yard of a Ceres home. A number of bystanders, including several juveniles, can also be seen observing the fight.

When the boys wrestled each other to a standstill on the ground, bystanders separated the two and encouraged them to begin fighting again.

dscn0010 Police: Mom Goaded Teens Into Fight, Posted Video Online

Jennifer Zuniga

A detective contacted a school resource officer to determine the identity of the fight participants, which quickly led police to the scene of the brawl.

Investigators said the video shows the intervention of a Good Samaritan, who apparently put a stop to the fight before anyone was seriously injured.

Zuniga was arrested and charged with child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Anyone who witnessed the fight is asked to contact Detective Darren Venn at (209) 538-5616 or the Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers at 1 (866) 60-CRIME.

Comments (64)
  1. John Betgeorge says:

    bottom line: shes a no good parent

  2. Hank Kingsley says:

    My guess: mom is 33, son is 24…

  3. Bayleighs Closet says:

    why bash each other. this lady who did this is trash. that kid will be in prison for sure. she deserves to rot and should never have her kids again.

  4. WhoTheHell says:

    Your assumptions are yours and yes I am a resident at ucmc. Why its not possible to be one when you work hard for it. To prove my point I hate it when people assume that a person like me a “minority” is disrespected on a day to day bases. I pay taxes just like everyone else and I am a lawbiding citizens but people want to keep lowering their expectations like im an illegal. My thought is you cant assume people are illegally here and to deport them cause heck we’d all be sent back to every county our ancestors came from. Be appreciate with what you have and stop worrying about peoples status but what their crime is. Call this mother unfit immature but dont go blaming her race or sabotage her people. That is like calling all whites tailler trash. And asians lol who cant spell.

  5. Tauro 915 in RC says:

    What do you expect from a caucasian lady with “sharpie” eyebrows, even the homie accent…. living the “Thug Life”!!! She’s probably also taking advantage of the system to live on my tax paid dollars…. Ni Pedo!!

  6. Millie says:

    To who the hell..
    What are you trying to prove your better than us. Cause your a doctor or soo. You must be those doctors who suggest abortion to under privilage people. Just stick to what you do and let us do our own judging

  7. woodstalker says:

    looks like she modeled that hair after Cameron Diaz in “There’s something about Mary.” I wonder if she uses the same gel

  8. doublewall28 says:

    The woman in the article is an idiot. Those of you engaging in the pre pubescent arguing are a bit pathetic. Just saying ….

  9. Eman says:

    Can’t fixed stupid.

  10. PMSEDOFTEN says:

    whothehell—–glad I do not live in CA if you are a resident in any hospital there, I would not want to take my dog to, let alone my child, my husband, or myself.
    you, my dear, are an idiot.

    1. JSS says:


      1. JSS says:


  11. hey says:

    I think everyone is over reacting. I had a girl trying to jump me and fight me for the longest time until my mom got tired of it and said alright you want to fight my daughter? Go ahead then and I whoop that girls ass

  12. JSS says:

    WhoTheHell needs to learn how to spell.

  13. Grateful Dad says:

    same thing happened the other day across the street from a local jr high,my son the black belt was yelling”counter,counter,combination” then he asked if he should go break up the fight up with his sister also a black belt from World Champion Troy Dorsey.. A teacher beat them to it. These street toughs are going to run across the right kid at the wrong time one of these days…all the best

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