Today, in this truncated episode of The Don Geronimo Show, we hear about Dave’s experience at the Sammy Hagar book signing, and Don introduces us to Tornado Boy.

Dave went to Barnes & Noble to meet Sammy Hagar and get the Red Rocker’s autobiography signed. We get to hear the audio of his experience.

Craig is going to the next Sammy Hagar book signing to save the day! Don also introduces us to Tornado Boy.

Craig screwed up the date of the book signing, and can’t go see Sammy, so loyal listeners Casey and Suzette are going. Don also calls Houston to talk about Pole Dancers For Jesus.

Noodles will be in the studio next Monday to settle a bet with Dave, and Don reviews movies he hasn’t seen.

Time for another visit from CBS 13’s Tony Lopez.

Caller 100, happy ending.

Comments (5)
  1. brian says:

    need pics of Suzette, PLEASE

  2. Jonrflowers says:

    What is up with the podcast being delayed for days at a time?

  3. Gob says:

    ATTN: CBS INTERNET STAFF There’s actually quite a few of us out here out of the Sacramento market who like to listen to the Don Geronimo Show. Since we’re listening to it over an internet connection over an internet capable phone or a computer, we clearly have money to spend. If the reason you clearly disdain the podcasts is that you’re not making money on them, try selling an ad or two. We don’t mind listening to a moderate number of ads, if only to ensure that the podcasts are delivered with an acceptable quality level and on a timely basis. But the current product you’re delivering is doing Don a disservice.

    1. Kevin Lewis says:

      I live in Auburn Ca, and listen live most days, but I totally agree with Gob, and I listen to the podcasts as much or more than live. You are missing out on commercial $$$

  4. DrewBalls says:

    John would have had this taken care of. Thanks Drew

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