POLLOCK PINES, Calif. (CBS13) — Two solid weeks of storms crippled several businesses after the accumulating snowfall finally crushed their roofs.

Several feet of snow fell in Pollock Pines during the recent storms, forming deceptively heavy blocks that have dented cars and cracked rooftops.

A cubic foot of snow could weigh 20 to 30 pounds, and a large flat roof topped with several feet of snow could be subject to tens of thousands of pounds of weight.

The popular Knotty Lanes bowling alley’s roof came crashing down on their pool tables Saturday night, just as people were told to leave. Nobody was hurt, including students at a dance academy that was having a sleepover.

“We’re shook up, but everyone’s okay,” said Clinton Hughes.

Pipes and insulation were pushed down to window level, and officials red-tagged the entire building until repairs are made.

True Value Hardware was also forced to shut its doors after their roof sagged underneath the weight of the snow.

Forecasts predict several days of clear skies.


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