LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police are looking for two men who beat and critically injured a San Francisco Giants fan in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after the opening day game.

   Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg said Friday that two men in Dodgers clothing followed three men in Giants gear as they walked to their car after Thursday night’s 2-1 Dodger victory.

   Rosenberg says the attackers yelled slurs against the Giants and began kicking and punching the men.

   One victim suffered a head injury and was hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

   Rosenberg said his injury is not life-threatening.

   Investigators have no suspects’ identities and are asking anyone with information on the attack to call police.

   (Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (20)
  1. F L.A. says:

    Punk ass Dodger fans probably wearing Raiders gear underneath. Thug fan base.

  2. Linda says:

    What punk a** people, really you going to beat someone up because they like a sport team? Wow!

  3. Phillip Ramos says:

    Fans are getting really bad at how they treat the fans of an opposing team. Its okay though the giants fans will return the favor when they come up here to play in San Francisco. Whether you feel its right or wrong it will happen. I stopped drinking @ the games just to make sure I will be able to whip a drunk person’s rear end into the ground.

    1. Sac Giants Fan says:

      That’s it, stir up a little animosity and act as if a violent retaliation is ok.
      It’s not OK! It doesn’t matter what team you root for, if you beat someone up they should throw you in jail I believe those individuals should be banned from attending games at Dodger Stadium since they haven’t shown the ability to act act responsible non-violent adults. Why should the rest of us have to deal with them no matter what stadium we are in and no matter what team we support.

  4. rmcsticks says:

    sports fans don’t do things like this ” BUT ” punk ass trash does ! Thats what I love about San Diego fans, We’re there for the game Win Lose or Draw

    1. Sac Giants Fan says:

      rmc sticks,
      I went to school in San Diego (let’s say several) years ago and attended many Padre-Giants games. I would sit with my friend from San Diego and probably embarrass him with my load vocal support of my team. I was usually in a section completely surrounded by Padre fans and I never had to physically defend myself from thugs. I was having fun just like everone else there.
      What a concept- going to a game to root for your team and to have fun! I will admit I wasn’t dumb and knew when to lay low and when and where to yell.

  5. Jackson says:

    This is wrong. And the two “fans” who committed the attack should be arrested and locked up. Period.

    But for Giants fans to act indignant at the act is a farce. Any Dodger fan who visited Candlestick Park or AT&T Park with a Dodger hat on knows from real time experience that Giants fans are themselves thugs and bruts who threaten and assault those in Dodger Blue without regard to what is right or wrong.

  6. not a LA fan says:

    Typical LA fan…. low budget – always looking to cause problems. hope they find them and lock them up real tight..

  7. Blue in Sac says:

    Typical hipocracy from people who don’t know that Halloween is only intended to be one night a year – No one should think it’s OK to dress up everyday in that ugly Black/Orange/Cream combo and put on silly beard costumes! Grow up Giants fans and try cleaning up the behavior at your own park before you cast your own pebbles south..

    1. You're Sac is Blue says:

      AT&T Park is far more civilized then that rat infested Dodger Stadium. Stop trying to deflect what you know is true about the Blue. They are a wannabe Yankee team with half the budget and no class.

    2. Sac Giants Fan says:

      Blue in Sac.,
      Beiing a fan oif a type and wearing their garb is not a crime. Your attitude and the actions of the two Dodger thugs.should be condemmed by right minded Dodger fans. Violence isuch as this is a despicable crime that should be punished to the full extent of the law. It is never acceptable no matter what a fan wears or says about the other team. I’m a Giants fan and I would normally be razzing you as a Didger fan, but the worst thing about you by far is that you live in Sacramento. Where have you ever seen several hundred thousand people crowd into a city’s championship celebration and the police did n ot have to arrest even one person. You must not have been there..

      1. Think BLUE says:

        Sac Giants Fan and ‘Your’ Sac is Blue (nice grammer by the way, dimwit) – Are you kidding me? AT&T more civilized?? Wow – that stupidity speaks for itself.. Do either of you even have a clue what ‘hipocracy’ means? Apparently not based on your replies.. I’m not a jack-ass fan that would ever consider ‘razzing’ anyone at AT&T – nor would I act like a jack-ass in Dodger Stadium and ‘razz’ you and your Halloween outfit there.. But until you and your fans can stop ‘razzing’ fans of any other team who happen to go to see their team play in your city – stop being surprised if your ass gets kicked for being who you are when you visit another team’s park.. @ AT&T, even your stupid ushers don’t have the sense to not say some smart-ass comment about how parents are committing ‘child abuse’ to 9 and 10 year olds.. all because their parents allowed them to wear THEIR favorite uniform to a game.. Or better yet, have similar derelict group of Giants fans threaten to throw those same 9 and 10 year olds ‘into the bay’ after the game didn’t quite go the home team’s way.. Yeah – that’s a perfect way to ‘razz’ somebody!! Don’t be an idiot anywhere and you won’t have to worry – act like an idiot, get what you deserve..

    3. Who is the dim? says:

      Blue Balls…here are some facts for your tiny brain.

      In April 2010, during the Dodgers’ first home game of the season against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the LAPD arrested 130 people in the parking lot for public intoxication, according to the Los Angeles Times.

      In April 2009, a man stabbed his friend in the stadium parking lot after the home opener, in which the Dodgers beat the Giants 11-1.

  8. chase says:

    Thank god this did not happen in Philly.
    It would be all over the news.

  9. Diana Fisher Bragwell says:


  10. James says:

    I stopped going to professional sports events over ten yrs ago.. The reason? players not only fight on the court/ field but also take it to the stands.. Its no longer a sports event .. but a criminal event!! Dont need it.. Im done !! I dont even watch on T.V. To bad those responsible in holding high standards of professionalism faild to take charge and stop it way back when.. Id rather watch little leaguers.. pop warner and so on… lol pay them they deserve it.

  11. Hooliganism says:

    Let’s get this Party started!

  12. Chimp says:


    People chill the “F” out, These people who did this are definitely stupid for doing so, but you know nothing, either party could be guilty or innocent, so stop bad mouthing our neighbors to the the North, South, East and West.
    Love the game of Baseball and set a good example,show support for your fellow human being who is injured.

    As an L.A. native, as I’m sure anyone else from any city in our country, will say sorry for a few bad apples we have in our hometiwn.

  13. intheknow says:

    People who comment hear are all idiots.
    Can’t we all just get along on this time on earth.

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