Today on The Don Geronimo Show, the #herewebuild movement continues to gain momentum, Charlie Sheen bombs in Detroit, and our good buddy LaRoy, stops by the studio.

Don tells us about his Friday night at the Sacramento Mountain Lions Cheerleader tryouts, Saturday at the wineries with Nick Toma, and lazy Sunday. Dave’s #herewebuild movement is also gaining steam, as over $450k has been raised in 5 days!

Don plays a clip of Charlie Sheen bombing in Detroit on Saturday night.

Comcast has approached the city about contributing to the #herewebuild movement, Katie Couric leaving CBS, and Diane Sawyer vs. Tom Brokaw.

Time for another installment of “LaRoy’s World Of Gay.”

Don plays the earliest known clip of his past radio days, when he was 15! Don also plays the clip of Meatloaf flipping out on Gary Busey on The Apprentice.

Tony Lopez from CBS 13 stops by with the top 3 news stories of the day.

Caller 100, happy ending.

Comments (2)
  1. richard says:

    Hey where’s Nick Toma? Did he leave? And, personnally, I think D.Geronimo is best left on radio. I really enjoy the show but I’m see changes that are for worst. You can due w/o. Elanor. Well that’s all for nowm

  2. joyce Drysdale says:

    Did Nick Toma leave on his own or was he fired?

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