SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Mayor Kevin Johnson is outwardly hopeful that Sacramento won’t be long without an NBA team if the Kings move south, but fans who are leading the fight to keep the franchise say they have no hope another team would come.

Mayor Johnson is drawing comparisons between Sacramento and Charlotte, North Carolina, which lost its NBA team last decade and gained another one a short time later.

“In 2002 they lose their team, in 2004 they get a new team, and in 2005 that new team is playing in a new arena,” Johnson said.

There are a number of contrasts between Sacramento’s troubles and Charlotte.

– The North Carolina city completely financed its arena with public funds, but Sacramento voted down public financing.
– NBA Commissioner David Stern promised Charlotte a new team when their old one left, but told Sacramento last year he’d given up on building a new arena.
– Charlotte is rich with Fortune 500 companies, including Bank of America, Lowe’s and Duke Energy. Sacramento has none.

KHTK radio host Carmichael Dave says the city has little chance of attracting a new team with a new arena.

“They’ve had 8 to 10 years to do that and they haven’t,” Dave said. “You know, getting in front of cameras and flying to New York is great and all, but we’re trying to roll up our sleeves… before it’s too late.”

Supporters of Carmichael Dave’s “Here We Build” campaign rallied in Sacramento’s Cesar Chavez Park on Tuesday to promote their efforts to raise money to finance a new arena.

“There’s no such thing as an Anaheim Royal fan base,” said Kings fan Justin Marshall, referencing the possible new name for the Sacramento Kings. “I think they had an estimated 900 people sign up for season tickets in an 18,000 seat venue. Good luck with that.”

Comments (26)
  1. Ex - Kings Fan says:

    I say, goodbye Queens… Tear down the arena, and turn the land back into farmland, like it should be.

    Or use the arena to house homeless people until they can get back on their feet…

    1. Lakers suck says:

      Hey LAKERS’ fans. You should be screaming at the CITY COUNCIL for a new arena. Otherwise YOU WILL NEVER SEE KOBE PLAY AGAIN LIVE IN SAC

  2. Anti-Stupid People says:

    Yeah close the arena and you are going to have even more homeless people. Do you realize how many people work at that arena, and the revenue it brings this city? It’s not just about the kings, without that arena we have nothing. This city will be nothing.

    1. Kevin Truex says:

      and the homes that forclose when they relocate

      1. Phil says:

        Well just add those to that pile over there!

  3. Bye Bye Magoofs says:

    they should demo the building the next day after the Queens play their last game.
    Why have an NBA team when they suck as bad as they do. Maybe the Kings need new owners? The Maloofs never wanted to build a Championship team and even if they move to Anaheim they still won’t build a championship team.
    I hope they flop if they move to Anaheim and I hope the Lakers and Clippers take them to the cleaners when asking for compensation. Heres a thought,move them to San Fran and rename them the SF Queens.

  4. GoodBye-Sacramento says:

    anti-stupid people is a man who knows what hes talking about. Were talking about a wounded city. that will take a huge emotional blow not to mention financial once the only revenue earning moral boosting thing they have leaves and lets the city crumble as it already is. No jobs, no money, demolished housing market and now the only national representation gone. Goodbye sacramento, I think its sad to see a place thats been good to me crumble but I am following the kings to anaheim..

  5. Ronald says:

    The way to beat the city of Anaheim and the NBA at their own game is really very simple if the city of Sacramento wants to keep the Kings and the economic benefits to our region the mayor Kevin Johnson has to wake up and take a stand right now the Maloofs are just about gone and the Kings and NBA with them so if this is a pay to play situation and believe that it is the city of Sacramento can do one thing forgive the debt on the $70 Million loan the Maloofs and the Kings owe to the city in exchange for a 10 year lease agreement to stay and play in Sacramento this essentially would buy the right to keep the Kings in Sacramento at $7 Million a year a small price to pay considering that if Anaheim steals the Kings the city of Sacramento and this area will lose ten times that much every year in economic losses to all business related to the Sacramento Kings why do you think Anaheim wants the Kings so bad this is a business decision and no need for any public vote the money is invested in the Kings already and the Maloofs are partners with the city of Sacramento with the $70 Million loan trade the loan for 45% interest in ownership of the Kings this would confirm in good faith to the Maloofs that Sacramento wants the team to stay here and will give a clear message to outside interests most of all Anaheim and the NBA the Maloofs will be getting a true business partner not a loan or another city and sports owner who wants to use them for a hostile takeover then the city of Sacramento and the Maloofs can contribute to a equal financed new arena in the Capital.

    1. Phil says:

      Finally someone with a positive spin to the perspective – Good reply Ronald!

    2. Pro Period says:

      That is one long sentence!

  6. GoodBye - Kings says:

    OH, thats right. Sacramento will just crumble to dust without the almighty KIngs.

    Please, “O” Kings, Please don’t leave us and make us stand on a corner with our, will work for food signs. Please, KIngs…. Our lives will just end if you leave. There will be no more money in the area and we will all surely die.

    Oh, please forgive us for whatever we have done to offend you, and make you want to leave us.

    We will build you a Palace, more beautiful than any Palace you have ever seen. It will be made of gold, and you will all be Gods, and we will all take our places as your subjects and grovel at your feet, kissing your toes….

    Ha, Ha, Ha, People get a grip…. The Kings are not the end all for Sacramento…. We survived before the Kings, and we shall survive after the Kings.

    There are more serious things happening in our world than a stupid basketball team moving to southern california…. Let them go…. They were a c.r.a.p. team anyway. We will get another team, and I am sure that it will be much better than the Kings ever were.

    1. Phil says:

      I liked this one until the last sentence…Mark these words…”We will not get a new team” ! If we won’t allow public money for new Areana and given the current State and local economy what makes you think that will change – Sacramento is reverting back to its “cow -town” mentality. Driven by big business leaving or not coming at all, high taxes, high forclosures, now higher property taxes because of Levy improvments. This State and this City are bust and we just don’t have any local pull to draw a serious sports team! Its really plain and simple. Sacramento really does need to focus on our bigger issues first!

  7. Susie says:

    Look around people there isn’t much going on in Sacramento. Sacramento has the River Cats, The Jazz festival, the state fair and the Sacramento Kings and a few concerts within a year. I hope this City and its leaders do everything to keep the Sacramento Kings, because once they are gone it will be for good.

  8. Peter Feeley says:

    I suspect the “economic damage” is vastly over-rated – the Maloofs and the team members make most of the money and most of it leaves town as soon as it’s paid out. With the kings gone the money (coming from the fans) stays in town and gets spent or saved here.
    The idea of forgiving the debt would mean the city has to pay off the bond holders and they can’t use raising taxes to do so, where would that money come from

    1. Open your eyes Sacramento says:

      Where would that money come from? YOU! What freakin moron. I hope your house goes up in flames or your wife gets raped while you try to call 911. There will be fewer firemen and police to respond when the economy tanks if the team leaves. Get a clue

  9. the hawk says:

    For all of you that want the KINGS to pack up and leave…How will the KINGS leaving improve your life? And the chances for another NBA team? That would be ZERO.. Anaheim has been wanting an NBA team for over 20 years..WHY is that?? Big money in an NBA team… it’s a big boost if you have an ALL-STAR game in your town, not to mention an NBA Championship series.. The move to Anaheim will almost double the T.V. money for the teams.. There are 37 T.V. markets in the nation…Sacramento ranks 36th…You think a new NBA team wants in invest their time and money in a town with no ARENA and one of the lowest T.V. markets in the nation??? Some really need to go back to school… it cures STUPID…

    1. not stupid says:

      The Kings leaving will improve my life by not having me pay extra taxes to make a nicer place for rich athletes and their equally rich owners to exercise in. I’ve paid for Arco for how many years now? I have never once been there. I do not believe the dire economic forecasts — having lived in Seattle in extreme bust and later boom times, I can tell you that cities with a high quality of life are very resilient.

      Oakland and SF are short train trips away should you need to see top tier events.

      I’ve lived in world class cities. Second and third tier cities have better quality of life. Sacramento should not aspire to be San Francisco.

      1. GET A CLUE SACRAMENTO says:

        You WILL PAY HIGHER TAXES when the city tries to recoup the economic losses if the team leaves. Arco was built with PRIVATE FUNDS you moron.

  10. ConcernedCitizen says:

    So we’re not a pro region. So what? We have the Rivercats, who, by the way, are winners, have an awesome stadium with a fantastic view and are far more enjoyable to watch. The city should improve the parking, add some seating (dont obstruct the view though) and wrap itself around this fun and fantatic team and organization.

  11. ConcernedCitizen says:

    And to folllow up with that… the Oakland A’s have been wanting to move for years now. If we improve the parking and increase the seating. maybe we could encourage the A’s to swap stadiums with the Rivercats (who are their AAA affiliate anyway). I’m sure they’d be very open to the idea if we encouraged it.

    1. Open YOUR EYES says:

      Stop living in the 1990’s.

  12. Anaheim Kings fan says:

    Does anyone else realize that this franchise has moved more than any other in professional sports history. Rochester, Cinncinati, Kansas City, Omaha, Sacramento, Anaheim. Anyway, The mayor is a joke. Standing on a soap box screaming don’t leave, don’t leave. He offers nothing in return to try and help the team stay. The Maloofs may have not tried to build a winner here, but neither has Donald Sterling with the Clippers and look how well his team is doing in a nice arena. Good luck Kings and enjoy your single term as mayor Mr. Johnson.

  13. intheknow says:

    He people the Arena or Pavillion, what ever you call it, isn’t that bad. I know I have worked there and I am a retired engineer
    The basic structures is sound. The interior needs to be gutted and re- built. It needs to be earthquake standard, and fire, safety upgraded. It can add some green technology. The cost probably at least 100 million.It will generate jobs for the economy of the area. I know the Maloofs first choice is to say at the location where they are now. I t has perfect access and large parking areas.
    What the “City” should do is negotiate a long term lease and take over the parking revenue in exchange for using the loan money for rebuilding plus some bond money. The work could start as soon as basketball season is done and possible be finish by the start of next season. It would probably mean 24 hour work shifts.
    O well this idea is probably to late.

  14. scopedope says:

    Johnson is a fool, and has no business being the mayor.

    1. Bob says:

      No we are the fools for electing a goofball like him, hes laughting all the way to the bank and the podiem. Of course the other canadate was just as bad.

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