Jason Ross fills in as guest host for Grant on today’s show. To start things off, Jason gets us caught up with the headlines in the sports world, takes calls from listeners who vent about the Kings possible move.

Then, Lionel Hollins, head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, joins the show to give a preview of Fridays match up against the Kings, and talks about how close the Grizzlies are to making the NBA playoffs if they win the remaining games.

Next, Jason takes more phone calls, then Kings coach Paul Westphal comes on to talk about the last road trip of the season and how much the team has improved since November. In the final hour, Jason takes more phone calls and talks about the Kings and the Arena situation.

Comments (2)
  1. Stanlely says:

    Did Grant hawk subscriptions to the Sacramento Bee again tonight? I dunno cause I didn’t watch the game. Again, I ask you Grant to answer two questions:

    1. Who gave you the nickname PEACHES and why?
    2. RU nuts? Do you still challenge and verbally castrate your callers for honest questions?

    Just wondering.

  2. kevin says:

    if sacramento is not committed on building a new stadium for the kings, why hasnt the surrounding cities stepped uo to do so, like roseville, west sacramento, or even stockton.

    great place would be off grant line rd and hwy 99 outside elk grove.

    im soooo tired on hearing what sacramento shouldve or couldve done, when the surrounding cities has not tried to step up and try to keep the kings themselves.

    i guess we will all wait for sacramento to build a stadium and get the milwaukee bucks.

    sincerely, sick n tired

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