Today, Grants show starts off giving us the latest developments on the mayors efforts to keep the Kings in Sacramento, the NHL playoffs, NFL labor negotiations, and the LA Dodger owners losing control of everyday operations and will now be run by the MLB until further notice.

Next Grant takes phone calls, gives his rant of the day, has on guest Barry Melrose, NHL analyst for ESPN, to discuss the NHL playoffs and the exciting race to win the Stanley Cup.

In the final hour Dan Rusanowsky, voice of the San Jose Sharks, joins the show to recap last nights epic comeback win in overtime against the LA Kings and gives a preview of Thursday nights match up, Grant closes out the show by taking calls and texts from listeners.

Comments (2)
  1. Stanley says:

    It sounds like the Kings might stay after all. Too bad, really, as I was looking forward to Grant’s replacement on the afternoon show. Maybe it coulda been Mike Lamb. Grant is such a mean and angry show hoast. I hope KHTK dumps him even if the Maloofs don’t.

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