LINDA (CBS13) — Two men are now facing hate crime charges after allegedly attacking an African American woman and a Caucasian man at a Linda gas station.

According to authorities, the incident occurred late Monday evening at the Full Stop Market onNorth Beale Road.

Authorities have arrested Perry Jackson, 25, of Olivehurst, as well as Anthony Tyler, 30, also of Olivehurst.   According to reports, authorities a third suspect, Billy Hammett, is being sought.

Apparently one of the suspects struck the victims’ windshield with a tire iron, shattering it.  One of the suspects then proceeded to punch the male victim through the passenger window.  All three suspects assaulted the male victim once he was forced from the car.   The woman was also assaulted outside the vehicle, according to authorities.

Hammet is described as about 5 feet, 11 inches tall, 170 pounds, with blond hair and hazel eyes. Anyone with information on his whereabouts or of the attack is asked to call the Sheriff’s Department at 749-4777.

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  1. Palermo Joe says:

    Why is it a hate crime if it is committed by a caucasian against a minority, but not a hate crime if it is a minority committing it against a caucasian? Either way, hate is involved, as well as just stupidity. Isn’t, by definition, ANY violent crime committed against ANYONE a HATE crime? Why must we differentiate? This just causes more racism, not tolerance. I was beaten up MANY times growing up in southside Oroville by blacks, for no other reason than I was white. Was that a hate crime? And, more importantly, if it happened today, would blacks be prosecuted under hate crime laws? Sadly, I don’t believe so. The pendulum has swung so that ANY crime against ANY minority is a HATE crime. Amazingly, if you look at crime statistics from the DOJ, there is far more minority on minority (in the same ethnic groups), and minority verus white violence than white against minority violence. But that doesn’t get air time from our politically correct media.

    1. Codi says:

      Hate crime? A hate crime could be more than just racial hate. It could be based
      on disability, or if you are gay, or if whatever. I mean, I have Autism. If you
      went and attacked me, that would be a hate crime, because I have a
      developmental disability. And yes, if a black person attacks a white person
      like you, that SHOULD be a hate crime. I have heard of disabled people being
      beat up, and yes that is a hate crime. Does it have to be racial??

      1. Carol says:

        Incorrect. It is not automatically a hate crime simply because you were attacked and you have autism. it becomes a hate crime if you were attacked BECAUSE you have autism.

    2. Joel Vanderbilt says:

      Palermo…. Linda…. Olivehurst… can’t really tell them apart…. they are hamlets where these type of events aren’t looked as crimes…. just like the deep south in the 50’s and 60’s. In reality it isn’t their fault, their general level of education doesn’t go beyond a GED certificate, if they got lucky guessing the answers in the multiple choice test.

      1. Mo says:

        Hey Joe, If a black attacks a white because he’s white it’s a hate crime. Please don’t try to be little the report.

      2. Palermo Joe says:

        Hey, I think that was a hate email!! Have you ever been to Palermo, Joel? I am the Postmaster there, and 95% of my customers are fine, upstanding people who just want to be away from pompous airbags…… We do have a lot of folks on the poverty line, and a lot who receive assistance (and I have an issue with that!), but by far most of my customers are hardworking, salt of the earth people. Before you display YOUR bigotry, Joel, have some facts. You do portray yourself as someone educated…. act like it.

    3. old fart says:

      The attackers are cowardly if there was a black guy & a white girl they wouldn’t have been so brave. Just cause their family tree don’t have a fork in it they think their better then the rest of us.

    4. michelle says:

      If you were beaten up solely because of your race then yes,it was a hate crime.Logic requires that we hold all races to the SAME standards.But,this was still a hate crime.

    5. kanakasue says:

      you do not know the details, and the media does not name the charges, the DA does. Your “pendulum” seems to be hatred. You and all of the so-called Tea Party “members.”

      1. Codi says:

        Not me. Don’t write a comment that attacks everyone when not everyone says
        that they knew all the details. No one knows all the details. And I find it very
        judgemental that you mention that we must ALL be Tea Party members. That’s
        complete hogwash. And at least, one thing, The Tea Partiers (which you probably insist on calling ALL Republicans) have certainly been much nicer to me than those flaming bleeding hearted liberals who call someone a pedophile when they don’t agree with their viewpoint. At least, the Republicans don’t call the Democrats such morally repugnant names!! Your “pendulum” seems to be
        ignorance and judgements before you even know what people said here.

        I didn’t say this 25 year old was guilty automatically. I never said that.
        And that’s true there’s always a second side to a story. But news media
        is disgustingly 95% liberal. They never show the other side of the story.
        Fair and Balanced, not one sided flops. Don’t always believe what you heard
        first – the first story isn’t always the correct one. If Dad asks his sons
        who did something, that doesn’t mean the first child who told the story
        is correct necessarily. That’s true. But to lump us all together and say
        we are ALL Tea Party members is crazy.


      2. Carol says:

        This has nothing to do with being a member of an unofficial political organization… it has to do with facts and it has to do with people finally standing up and saying “How come?”
        Fact is fact. A DA filed assault charges against two African Americans who beat a white man near to death. They received probation. When the family of the victim retaliated, they were charged with a hate crime, because they were whites attacking blacks. What’s up with that?
        At colleges and universities there are Black Student Support Groups, Hispanic Student Support Groups, Asian Student Support Gruops, etc. none of whom will allow a white student to join. But the few times a student tried starting up a Student Support Group for white students, the other groups sued and won.
        Yes, our judicial system and our laws only protect those who are DISCRIMINATED against… and when a white person is discriminated against, they do not call it discrimination, they call it REVERSE DISCRIMINATION, which gives creedence to it not being recognized.
        I’m not racist… I’m just tired of it. Discrimination is discrimination. Calling something “reverse discrimination” is discrimination in itself.

      3. RC says:

        Carol I take it you never been to college? I am Hispanic and a member of the society of Hispanic engineers. At my school our president is Caucasian and or vice president is Asian, anybody is encouraged to join, I’ve never heard of anybody being barred from joining a organization at a college campus because of race, gender, creed, disabilities, etc…. There are no “white” student groups because “white” is not a race or even a culture, it is a rather vague label, what would such a group promote and celebrate? There are groups representing “white” races such as those promoting the people and culture of Scottish, French, German, etc… descent.

    6. Anthony says:

      Its a hate crime because the attackers made it a race issue obviously. Its not a hate crime because of the races of the people involved its because its what caused the attack and what they said during the attack. People like you who think everything is based on race and inequality cause more racism. You got beat up and you say its because you were white, if that is the case its a hate crime if not its just people doing bad things to another person, not a hate crime. And no ANY crime against a minority is not a hate crime but if it makes it easier to fuel your race issues you will justify it that way.

    7. Erica says:

      For a crime to be categorized as a hate crime, there needs to be some ancillary evidence that ethnicity/culture etc. was the motivation. If a white guy beats up a black guy and steals his wallet, it might “just” be a robbery, but if witnesses testify that he used racial slurs during the crime or had a Confederate flag on his t-shirt, had a personal history of racist behavior or something like that, then there is evidence that it was possibly a hate crime. And of course the evidence has to be sufficient to convince a jury. The same criteria would be applied be to a crime committed by a member of a minority against another minority or against a white person as well.

    8. ballsymcfly says:

      If someone attacks you it’s a hate crime, I doubt they are beating your arse cause they like you.

  2. Mo says:

    Shaw AFB is correct! Your points are valid and I agree with the small town feeling that’s why I moved to Manteca and now live in North Stockton. I have great neighbors of all races. I agree that people need to open their minds. I learned a lot about Autism by watching a movie on the life of Temple Grandon. She really overcame a lot of adversity as well as you. Keep strong and good luck in your future.


    1. Codi says:

      Mo, of course I know, I’m a geographer. I have 1,200 street maps in my collection,
      mostly of places in California, but also many places in South Carolina, North
      Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, etc. I will even ask realtors
      to send me maps of their towns if they are so small they aren’t covered by
      AAA maps (American Automobile Association maps). I once got a Teletubby
      key chain toy from someone at Shaw AFB on Ebay. I think they were retailed
      at Burger King in the late 1990s, as I recall. I like Upstate South Carolina
      (Greenville/Spartanburg area) a lot!! Some places in the western part of
      North Carolina are very nice too, especially around Asheville, Rutherfordton,
      The Great Smokies, etc. Yeah, I know about Temple Grandin all right. The
      thing is is that she is a professor at Colorado State University. I couldn’t
      even begin to think I could ever be a professor. In fact, I can’t even handle
      a job. Temple is certainly more advanced than I am. I can’t even sit still
      for 20 minutes without getting up and in an office environment, it is easier
      having a 7 year old work for you than me, because I will get up all the
      time and I will talk to everyone in my area and distract other people from
      what are supposed to be doing.

      Of course, there are other autism films too, like Rain Man starring Dustin
      Hoffman – that’s probably the film that most people associate with
      Autism, to be honest. As you can see, I can talk fine and I don’t have
      any problems communicating my needs and I’m close to normal in
      IQ – but here’s the thing, my emotional and social age is about ~ 5 years old.
      In some ways, I’m more disabled than some intellectually handicapped people
      are. Adversity – I’ve had to deal with that all my life. I was bullied all the
      time in 5th grade up till 10th grade. I never knew that 10 year olds could be
      so cruel at times till I was bullied by them at that age, when I was 10 myself.
      I mean, I was kicked, hit, and all that. Strangely enough, I have NEVER been
      bullied by young children (I mean kindergartners, preschoolers, toddlers,
      and anything up to 4th grade) at ANY age. I have never been bullied by
      5 year olds when I was 5, or when I was 10, or 15, or 20, or 34. That
      is one thing consistent. And because of that, they have endeared me
      to them. I have several friends that are children; I also have plenty of friends
      who are over age 40-45 years old. I have very few friends that are
      10 to 40 years old. Of course, that’s not unusual with autism to not have
      friends your age. My caring and love of preschoolers has absolutely nothing
      to do with my vintage children shoe collections. As much as I adore my
      115 pairs of 1970s-1990s (mostly toddler sized) Mary Janes, T-straps,
      and English sandals, that has nothing to do with my friendship with
      young children. I mean, if they were mean like how some 20-some year
      olds are to me, there is no way I would stick around them for 2 seconds,
      I’d run away 1,000 miles and stay far away from them as possible.
      Do you know why I love 4 and 5 year olds?? Because they accept me for
      who I am, and they love me very much and they care about me, and they’ve
      never treated me poorly. Giving something to the world isn’t always
      monetary. Some people think by contributing to the world it has to be financially.
      That is so untrue because a lot of children contribute to the world and by
      being kind, loving, understanding, and accepting and forgiving and all that,
      those are better gifts than any monetary donation anyone could throw in.

      You live in North Stockton? That isn’t really a little town. LOL. Try
      Lodi or Turlock. Or Lockeford. North Stockton can be a little creepy sometimes, but it’s MUCH better than downtown Stockton like Charter Way and El Dorado.
      Talk about a shady area of town!! Actually, my honorary Grandma (not really
      my real Grandma, but my 52 year old friend’s mom) lives in Stockton near
      Pacific and Hammer Lane, and one of her great-grandsons who is 11
      lives with his brother (who is 15 and has Asperger’s) and mom and dad
      over on Hammer Lane near Interstate 5. Grandma’s grandson, my friend
      Pete’s son (Pete is 52), Josh, is 8 years old and lives in Turlock. I met
      Josh when he was only 3 years old back in November 2005, when I was
      living in Turlock and going to CSUS.

      Take care Mo!!!


    2. Codi says:

      And Grandma’s great grandson who is 11, his name is Jesse and he’s such a sweet kid. This is the one that lives off of Interstate 5 near Hammer Lane.
      His 15 year old brother is more introverted because of his asperger’s but
      Jesse has always been a ray of sunshine, even when I first knew him when
      he was 6 years old, in 2006. I went up to State Railroad Museum in old
      Sacramento with him and Grandma and Grandpa in March 2006, wonderful
      time there. And, I saw Jesse, his sister Destiny, and my little pal Josh (who
      is 8 now) at the church dedication in February (Grandma and her church
      members built a new church in Northeast Stockton). There were so many
      people at the dedication ceremony on Feburary 5th that some of us
      couldn’t even get seats, so a lot of the children played outside, including
      some adults. I was having the time of my life playing tag with Jesse, Josh,
      and Destiny!! We tried playing tag with no tagbacks, but I wasn’t too keen on
      that, so we just played regular tag. But, the memories….oh, the memories.
      I have several photos from that day too.

      Children have made a powerful imprint on my life and I suspect that they
      will do that till the day I get buried.

      Take care!!


  3. mike says:

    So a couple white guys attack another white guy and now it’s a hate crime? Is it just bc there was a black passenger in the car?

    I’m still waiting to see a hate-free crime

  4. flameforjustice says:

    you people are using this site like it’s your own personal blogs.

  5. toni says:

    if a black person attacks a white person, it’s just that. but if white person attacks a black person it’s a hate crime. crime is crime there should not be exceptions for anyone.

  6. Hereticmonk says:

    Isn’t all violent crime based on hate? Or have minorities mastered crime to such a degree that they can kill you for your $20 and not feel anything about the crime? Therefore they can’t be charged with having hate because they have no emotion what so ever about it.

    1. Shawn says:

      Are you slow or something? Look up the definition of a hate crime and stop using it literally as a way to spew your own racist beliefs. Same for all who are trying to act like they don’t understand the definition of a hate crime, if you really are that ignorant view Erica and Anthony’s comments….. Again, I don’t believe you are that ignorant I think you just wanted the opportunity to show your hate (literally) for minorities.

  7. Easter Bunny says:

    It’s a small world after all ! It’s a small world after all ! It’s a small small small world!

  8. mbee!1 says:

    Reading the comments It is obvious why the country is so messed up. Hate crime is a PC word to mollify the PC crowd. What these guys did is beat up somebody, why does a hate crime charge have to be made to send them to jail for a long long long time? Apparently if you beat up somebody it is not considered a crime in the good old USA.

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