Kings co-owner Joe Maloof calls Grant Napear to talk about the decision to keep the Kings in Sacramento. Joe talks about their current fan perception, how the Maloofs have always loved Sacramento, that the Maloofs will embrace any new arena plan, and how they plan to rebuild the team back to an elite NBA franchise. Lastly, Joe ends the interview with a heartfelt message to Kings fans.

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  1. Mike from Modesto says:

    great interview…Thanks Grant for your support of our Kings . I believe the Maloof’s are sincere in their efforts to keep the Kings in Sacramento. We just need to get the Sacramento RAG Bee to get on board . Some comments made by people on line need to be reviewed by their staff. before posting.. Some comments against the Maloof family have been outright insulting and a embarrisment to the Metropolitian Area of Sacramento. Those comments do not represent the feelings of the Kings fans nor the general population.

  2. Tony from Tahoe says:

    You asked him all the tough questions except why did they cheapskate out on Fan Appreciation Night! Ha ha!

  3. cbrody111 says:

    Thanks to you, to the Kings and the Maloofs. We love you all. The family has done a ton for the community, and for Kings fans. Let’s get an arena, and put an end to this relocation nonsense. I’m 33, have grown up with the Kings, and can not imagine life without them. They are the only hometown team I’ve ever known, and I pray that my kids will grow up watching the Kings in Sac. Go Kings. Go Maloofs. Time for us to get behind not just the Kings, but the Maloofs. We can get to the promise land, but more importantly it’s time to repair our relationship with the Maloofs.

  4. Bill from Sac says:

    Joe Maloof sounds very frustrated, very unhappy, and stressed.
    And that’s because they tried to leave and tried to leave the NBA got all Manute Bol on ya, didn’t they Joe??

    The guy didn’t make his money by being an Oscar winning actor, ok? Anyone listening can tell that Grant i serving up softball questions for his master, and if you simply think about the FACTS that you’ve heard from Grant, you can tell Joe’s skay voice is because he’s lying..

    Anyone remember a couple of days ago when Grant said on the air that Carmichael Dave and the Fans had “absolutely nothing at all” to do with the Maloof’s staying in Sac? Grant was right. He was also right when he said Orange county had 3 times more business dollars commited to the Kings if they decided to come there. But here’s Joe, at about 1:15 telling us it was “the fans and the business community, those were the 2 main reasons for staying”. Uh, sorry Joe, not flying. The ony genuine thing was when he tells us how he doesn’t appreciate the criticism they’ve gotten. Awww.

    Grant asks him if they’ll commit to Sac long term, and at 6:67 he says, “Sure, Sure, we love it. I remember the good times (forced laugh)”

  5. AM says:

    Yeah, it was a disturbing interview. He sounded close to a nervous breakdown. I think he got his talking points form Ailene Volsin’s article about the 12 steps needed to rehab their image in Sactown because he touched on most, if not all of them!

  6. Eric says:

    I don’t appreciate bieng lied to either. I thought this was about getting a sports and entertainment arena. Isn’t that why they were going to leave?

    Why is Joe Maloof on here talking in the first 2 minutes about they stayed because of the fans and how “incredible” it was how all the business came to them with their commitments. What does that have to do with getting OUR arena built? All the businesses buying tickets and suites has nothing to do with building an arena for our region, Joe.

    Grant says in this very interview that Commisioner Stern said that if an ageement for a new arena isn’t in place by next March, the NBA wuold not prevent them from moving. The only reason he said that is because this year THEY WOULD HAVE prevented them from moving.

    The relocation commitee already recomended to the NBA that they should stay here, the NBA was not going to approve a move right now, and Joe Maloof knows it.

    So at 6:20 when Joe Maloof slips up and says they came back because…oops, I mean we never left because the people can see we’re behind the mayor’s plan….well, don’t lie to us Joe. Everyone knows you guys are only here because they wouldn’t let you run out of town yet.

    If you would have been honest about it, I might have bought tickets.

    Does anyone belive him when he says the Laker jersey’s in his seats were probably a joke? Anyone? He almost runs right off the rails during that part of the interview….he offers to take a lie detector, I say let him.

  7. JoeMaloofNeedsaValium says:

    If you only hear one minute of this interview, listen to the thing Bill above referenced: at 6:37. Grants question about what they think of sacramento and his , “Sure, Sure, we love it. I remember the good times (forced laugh)” answer.

    And then the question about the last game of the season, when the Laker fans sitting in his seats. Its at 8:35.

    I’d tell you to listen to how the NBA recommended that they NOT move, and how David Stern said NEXT year they would not prevent them from moving, and how they weren’t going to get the votes needed to approve a move, AND how Joe lies and says that had nothing to do with the decisionto not file for permission to relocate, and how it was simply their family’s decision……….but why let a couple of lies distract you from the entertainment value of this interview?

  8. Theo says:

    I completely agree with these last comments. They wanted to go. I think it’s more about fame than money. They try to be hip and current (playboy suite in the Palms, skateboard competition and sending celebrity friends to Kings games. George Maloof is the brother that makes me nervous. He is the one that was in Seattle and San Jose many many months ago. He looks dis-interested when at Kings games and now he’s the main contact with KJ and the new arena. KJ needs to overpower George and I think he can after what he has down the last month.

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