SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Kings owner Gavin Maloof worked the phones at Power Balance Arena this afternoon taking orders for Sacramento Kings season tickets.

Maloof has had a busy day.  Earlier he and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson met with Kings sponsors trying to rebuild a relationship that was frayed over the past weeks as the Maloofs attempted to move the team.

The meeting was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Sacramento.  It is the latest move as the NBA attempts a makeover of the Kings.  The league has several representatives in the city helping the Kings owners repair their images and increase sales.kings sheraton meeting Kings And Mayor Meet With Kings Sponsors

It seems fans are forgiving.  The Kings are hiring part-time sales agents after being swamped under the demand for season tickets following the tense relocation drama of the past few months.

Sales representatives are having difficulties keeping up with the pace of phone calls, selling 30 times more tickets compared to last year, according to vice president Phil Horn.

Comments (12)
  1. Ron Barnes says:

    All is forgiven! Not uncommon in the business realm; winning mends all and soothes all. We are in a position to have a great ending — Now, let’s get back to the business of pursuing that NBA championship!!

    1. Kevin G. says:

      Championship? Please. The Maloofs are either unwilling or unable to finance a roster that has a chance to win 30 games let alone a championship. Get real. They will leave next year if the league let’s them. They are broke thanks to that billion dollar disaster called the Playboy Tower at the Palms. They should have spent that money on a new arena for the Kings here in Sac, it would have cost half as much.

    2. NO MORE says:

      LOL Ron Barnes. Championship??? The Queens won’t win one of those in YOUR lifetime. Business??? This is the work of an obsessive nut case like K ‘y-jelly’ Johnson! YOU WANT THIS ARENA? Then, YOU PAY FOR IT OUTTA YOUR POCKET!

  2. John says:

    Don’t believe this news, it is all PROPAGANDA to fool the taxpayers into using TAX $$$ to build the Maloofs, and Kings, a new arena! IT’S ALL LIES!! Let the private businesses build the arena for them!

    1. NO MORE says:

      Totally AGREE!

  3. Gulinder gill says:

    I think its a good start. We need to suport the Kings and keep them in town. Kings are one thing we can all agree and unify our community. GO KINGS, let us concentrate on the winning. i can not wait for the next season to start , its going to be fun for team and brother Maloofs.

    1. intheknow says:

      Go drink your bud and you go away

      1. NO MORE says:

        YOU must be an alcoholic ‘intheknownothing’. Who in the heck wants to pay ARENA prices for a Bud. YOU? Like ‘bud’ stated, ‘GO AWAY QUEENS’. Bunch o’losers!

  4. OneManBand storyteller of Sacramento says:

    If they are selling tickets so fast, why are public funds needed?

    GO KINGS… as in “don’t stay”

  5. NO MORE says:

    The Maloofs can’t wait until they move! Just play along with that idiot Johnson and your move will come. The Mayor and his Task Farce are trying to stealth their way to ‘public tax increase’ or ‘use of tax dollars from a general fund’ to pay for this arena. Now they want to use Webber. You mean the guy that couldn’t even afford his own restaurant and forced the property owner to sue him? Webber who? Never heard of him. This whole arena thing is a joke, and those supporting it should be ashamed of themselves!

  6. viper3 says:

    kings arena lol why not take the old arena and rebuild it .i am sure the mayor can get the dollars to do that and it would cost have of what a new complex would cost. now all i see is that this new idea of building a sports complex smoke and mirror show .the kings/maloffs need 70mill to pay off SACRAMENTO .fans are going to do it for the kings/maloff’s . now it would be nice if the areas surronding SAC like rocklin yuba city lodi chico modesto stockton galt ect ect ect help pay for the new complex .this way the kings would not just be about SACRAMENTO .they would become northen california team .thus bringing all the surrounding citys/counties together as 1 there is no i in team .but i guess there is a i in SACROMENTO .BUT I DONT SEE IT PLEASE POINT IT OUT FOR ME WOULD SOMEONE.

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