NEW YORK (CBS13) – The world will soon be hearing from Jaycee Lee Dugard about her kidnapping and 18 years in captivity.

The 31-year-old, kidnapped by Phillip and Nancy Garrido and held captive for 18 years, will publish her memoir.

The book entitled “A Stolen Life” hits shelves July 12.

a stolen life Jaycee Lee Dugard To Tell Her Story In New Book

The cover of Jaycee Dugard's memoir, "a stolen life".

Publishing company Simon and Schuster says the book will detail her full story from her abduction in 1991 to now.

In addition to the book, an audiobook will be released read by Dugard herself.

The Garridos pled guilty last month to kidnapping and sexual assault.

Simon and Schuster is owned by CBS13’s parent company, CBS Corp.

Comments (11)
  1. don says:

    JC thats great, you deserve every penny!!! now enjoy life!!!

    1. cheerios says:

      what is your problem?? I sincerely hope she gets that and more. No amount of money can replace all those years in captivity. Put yourself in her place, would you want someone to feel like that about you?? Have a little heart. There’s something wrong with you.

  2. cheerios says:

    that comment was for cmore

  3. AGirl says:

    You’re a sick human being. You should have been the one in her shoes. Take your miserable life and comments else where!

  4. justice says:

    why don’t you just go away cmore. I think she deserves anything she can get. and as for the state makeing her rich the state also got her raped. If the state would have been on the ball maybe she would have been found alot sooner.

  5. Gina Luna says:


  6. whatnext? says:

    I can’t believe how heartless you must be. I would be HAPPY to hear what she’s doing to unburden herself from 18 YEARS of stolen and abused life!! Not to hear “details” but to know she is thriving and enjoying a freedom of life that was ripped away from her, that COULD’VE been returned to her several times had people been more involved with the world around them. Do you REALLY think Ms. Dugard is out to “EARN” more millions? I think she’d much rather be an anonymous 11 year old girl that DIDN’T bear 2 children -alone- by the man who kidnapped and raped her.or another woman just like the rest of us, slaving away at a day job looking for a way to make ends meet. Have you ever looked up the word “sociopath” in the dictionary?

  7. cmorno says:

    No one is saying that what she went through wasn’t bad. A lot of women go through this and worse, we just don’t get paid off for it. Yes, and to “whatnext”, I do know what sociopath is and apparently you don’t know what it means or you wouldn’t have used it in the context that you did.And yes I do think she is out for more money or she would just take her millions and move on without bringing it all up again. What the hell do you think she wants to get other than money for this story.If she needs to discuss this then go to a shrink.

  8. HooDatIS? says:


  9. merijoe says:

    Good for her, I hope she never has to worry about finances ever again-may telling her story give her strength and heal her mind and I hope she is never tormented about being a victim again, I will be the first in line for my copy when it comes out.

    I will be waiting for the movie to come out too.

  10. SpaceCowby43 says:

    I don’t see how everyone just ignores the reality they see with their own eyes. Jaycee Dugard is obviously not just a tragic victim that wants nothing more than to recover and move on with her life. She is out to exploit her situation in every way, for MONEY, pure and simple. Selling interviews and pictures, writing tell-all books and assisting in your captors plea bargains is not the way any sexual abuse / kidnapping victim I ever heard of acts after being rescued. The state of CA has already made her a multi-millionaire. She plans on being a billionaire. Why won’t anyone accept that she is obviously not the emotionally damaged little girl everyone expects her to be. BTW, I’m not criticizing her, just the general public that is blind, deaf and dumb.

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