Report: Overhaul Needed For Calif. High-Speed Rail

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The state’s independent analyst is calling for major changes to California’s high-speed rail plans, including delaying the fast-tracked project and taking control away from the independent board that now controls it.

A report Tuesday by the Legislative Analyst’s Office calls on lawmakers to reject $185 million in funding for the estimated $43 billion project, which is scheduled to start construction next year.

The report says oversight is inadequate to guarantee that the first phase linking San Francisco and Anaheim would be developed successfully, especially with the federal funding requirements that construction start soon and in the Central Valley.

Lawmakers should slow down the project, which is supported with nearly $10 billion in voter-approved bonds, and shift oversight from the High-Speed Rail Authority to the state Department of Transportation.

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  • Dan

    Of course the state wants to control this. Why would they ever allow an independent board to handle this?

  • John Smith

    The rate that the politicians, comissions, and enviromental groups are proceeding this project will never be built. I took a tour of Hoover(Boulder) Dam last year, the tour guide stated,” if when this dam was constructed they had to deal with todays regulations and permits, the dam would never have been built.”

  • Ron Mexico

    Didn’t vote for it and I still think its a stupid idea.

  • jim peck

    We need more dams, not high speed rail. Ridership has ben grossly overstated. The independent board has spent millions and their first big decision is to build the initial segment in the middle of nowhere, assuring its failure. Even Caltrans could do better.

  • bill

    Stupid idea


    Lets call it coruption if the state takes control pockets will get lined

  • Carmichael Craig

    You fools are missing the point…. The rail commission is were the corruption already is…. Taking it out of of their hands is a great idea!!!

    • Dan

      You must work for the state of california. There is no one more corrupt than them except the banking industry. Why do you think business is leaving in droves you fool.

  • Tim

    I believe that investing into railroad infrastructure is essential for California and nation’s economy, and have right people behind it all, is crucial if we are serious about regaining the stability of our economy. We all need to see the importance of investing into railroad infrastructure. Countries across the globe, such as China, Russia and Europe, are all investing into railroad’s (high speed), and their economy is all time high. I strongly believe that building high-speed railroad will strengthen our economy; it will give us more jobs, people could travel faster across California and be able to have jobs in other cities. It is heartrending to see that this great country is slowly losing its place as a greatest empire of the world.

  • Lana

    Well said, Tim !!!!!!!

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