Grant opens The Grant Napear show talking about #HereWeRally.  Callers bring up the Bee’s reaction over the rally.  Grant Rants about The Sacramento Bee and their coverage of the rally.  Dan Rusanowsky, the voice of the Sharks talks about the game seven tomorrow.  Hue Jackson comes on to talk about the Raiders’ off-season during a lockout.  Grant finishes up the show talking about the rally and Kings some more.

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  1. Gary Hamilton says:

    fyi, I sent an email to the President and CCed the Editor of the Sacramento Bee yesterday. Here was the response I got from the Editor:

    Dear Mr. Hamilton — Thanks for writing, I appreciate your passion about this issue.
    We’ve had our Kings coverage on A1 nine times in the last month and I expect Kings stories will land on A1 many more
    times as we continue to cover this story because it’s a major one for our region.
    Not every story will go on A1. We evaluate each story for news value against other news of the day and we strive to give our
    readers a mix of different topics and stories on A1. We do that because not everyone is interested in every topic we cover and, in fact, we’ve had
    many complaints about how many times we’ve put the Kings story on A1. I’m comfortable with the news decisions we made today and hope
    you continue to follow our coverage.
    Best regards,

    Joyce Terhaar
    Executive Editor
    The Sacramento Bee and

    From: Gary Hamilton []
    Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 5:54 PM
    To: Dell, Cheryl – Sacramento
    Cc: Terhaar, Joyce – Sacramento
    Subject: Kings Coverage

    Ms. Dell,

    As a long time Bee reader and subscriber I have to say I’m very disappointed in the Bee’s continued coverage (lack of coverage, lack of support) of the Sacramento Kings. I’m especially disappointed in the coverage and story placement of the Kings Rally yesterday. The Kings are very important to the identity, job sourcing, tax revenue, and entertainment to this city and an event with the personnel (Mayor Johnson, State Senate President pro tem Darrell Steinberg, the Maloofs, and former Kings basketball players Bobby Jackson, Scott Pollard, Doug Cristie, not to mention all of the loyal TV news crews) and 6500 Sacramentans deserved better coverage by the local paper than you gave it.

    Is there a reason why the Bee felt this was not one of the most newsworthy stories for the day?

    I’ve been on the fence about cancelling my subscription because of your coverage of the Kings and your response to this email may make the difference as to whether I stay or not.

    Gary Hamilton

  2. Sean Grindstaff says:

    Dan Morain
    Senior Editor – Opinion
    Sacramento Bee

    RE: Where’s the rally?
    Letter: I recently moved from Sacramento and still read the Bee on the
    web-site. When I’m in Sacramento I make sure I pick up a copy of the Bee to
    read. To my surprise and dismay I found it appalling and a bit suspicious as to
    why one of the most important events in Sacramento was hidden in a corner of a back page. It’s not even about basketball to me, but the importance of the event for the vitality of the community.

    I am confused and can’t believe that the rally and its importance to the community wasn’t the headline story on the front page let alone buried in a corner of a back page. The Bee should be ashamed; the people of the Sacramento region deserve an explanation for the motive behind not making such an important story front and center of the paper. I for one will
    never log onto the Bee or ever buy a paper again; I would cancel my subscription and ask all those that I know to do the same. What a joke, a fraud, and most of all what a big mistake by the Bee.

    Comments: If you don’t print my letter, at least respond with some reasoning.
    Sean Grindstaff

    I don’t think I’m going to run your letter, and I had nothing to do with the decision about where to play the story about the rally staged by the Sacramento Kings and city leaders. Perhaps the rally could have been played differently, although in my view, we handled it properly. This was a manufactured public relations event that was widely Coverage appeared on the front of the Region section.

    I did a quick count and found that The Bee has run no fewer than 20 stories about the Sacramento King on Page A1–the front page–since Feb. 27. No other topic, not the budget, not bin Laden, not Obama, not the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, comes close. As an aside, my wife, who is a news junkie but could care less about sports, complains on many mornings that The Bee is vastly overplaying the Kings story.
    The point of this: News judgment is subjective. We do the best we can.
    Thank you for taking the time to write your letter.

    Dan Morain
    Senior Editor – Opinion
    Sacramento Bee

    To: Morain, Dan – Sacramento
    Subject: Re: Letters to the Editor Web submission

    Thank you for the response it is much appreciated. I didn’t think or expect you to run my letter. Perhaps the rally could have been played differently? How can you say that you handled it properly? It was a manufactured public relations event? It’s obvious that the Bee is and has been totally against the Maloofs and building of an entertainment complex and your response further proves that. It’s not about the Maloofs or sports that your wife doesn’t like.

    The Bee needs to get a grip of reality and the importance, impact, and pulse of the region. I’m not even a King’s fan; it’s about way more than that, but that is another argument and point to be made. Why I find it so strange and a bit suspicious that it wasn’t even on the front page of the sports page (if it’s about the Kings and sports in your mind) was confirmed by your response, the Bee has an agenda. Why I think it was important enough that it should be printed on the front page is because this wasn’t about the Maloofs, it was about the community.

    You know why the Bee is dying? You know why people buy the local newspaper now days when they can get all the news they want all day about Bin Landen, Obama, or the wars on the internet for free or the 10 cable news outlets? The Bee is missing the point; local newspapers are about local news that affects the community on a small scale let alone a large one.

    The reason it should have been front and center news is because.. An estimated 6,500 people (more or less) convene in downtown. (How often does that happen for a local cause? Were they being paid or paying to do so?) It was a “manufactured public relations event” you are right. A public relations event to promote the vitality of a region. To prove that the Sacramento region is a top tier region.

    Lastly, you don’t have to print just bad news (we know about the housing crisis too well). This was an uplifting event for a region that sorely needs one. The mayor was there, city leaders, state senate leader, former and present players, Tesla, and countless others important to the regions vitality.

    If the Bee has had 100 King related stories on Page A-1 in the past, maybe they shouldn’t have. That doesn’t matter because this one definitely should have been and it wasn’t about the Kings or sports, it was about the community.

    The point of this: News judgment is subjective. The Bee made the wrong judgment and didn’t do the best they could or they did what best serves THEIR agenda and not the communities.

    Thanks again for the response.
    Sean Grindstaff

    I’m sorry you think that we are totally against the Maloofs and building of an entertainment complex. You’re incorrect on both points, and my response proves neither.
    But thanks for the note.

    Dan Morain
    Senior Editor – Opinion
    Sacramento Bee

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