RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (CBS13) — A group of inmates may finally solve a lingering racist eyesore that community members have been lobbying to fix for nearly a decade.

The Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery sits on the line between Sacramento and El Dorado County, and neither county has taken steps to replace 36 gravestones that have the n-word carved into them.

The Army Corps of Engineers has accepted responsibility for authorizing the creation of the grave markers decades ago but say the responsibility is no longer theirs.

Negro Hill Burial Ground Project director Michael Harris has been working to correct the markers and asked Congressman Dan Lungren (R-Sacramento) to help “close the deal” on fixing the problem.

Lungren applauded Harris’ efforts but didn’t commit to getting involved.

“I believe local authorities are moving in the right direction,” Lungren said.

El Dorado County officials said recent media attention may have provided a solution to the issue. Prisoners at nearby Folsom State Prison saw a news story on the disparaging tombstones and offered to “make the 36 replacement gravestones, remove the old ones and install the new ones,” at no cost to El Dorado County, according to county supervisor John Knight.

“The fact that prisoners, incarcerated, can watch a news story about us making a request and they’re getting deference, and our work for over a decade is thrown in the trash once again,” Harris said.

The issue is expected to be brought up before the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors May 24.

A mediator for the Department of Justice, which investigates hate crimes, confirmed the agency is involved in the issue but did not offer details.

Comments (9)
  1. Roberta Burns says:

    I work at Folsom State Prison and have met the instructor and inmates in Voc Masonry. I totally encourage the inmates in making of new grave markers as this is a very needed and valuable skill to learn. There is only one business that does this in El Dorado County and there are so many people wanting a memorial for their loved one who have passed. These people came to California to make a new life and deserve a proper reburial due to new construction. If inmates want to do something right and good how could ANYONE say No!

  2. marc sac says:

    Great idea! A bunch of prisoner “racial slurs” will remove the “racial slurs” and then we will forget this “racial slur” ever existed! This is now Bizzaro world I live in.

  3. Black crow scammer says:

    hopefully we can erase the memory of Mr. Obama being the president of the united states………………….one big embarrassing time in American history…………

    1. If I see scammer it's on says:

      While there at it, they can bury you in a plot with a KKK headstone…
      What a sad and racist thing to say and, oh by the way, not at all related to the story here. Please move out of your mother’s basement and get a flipping life.

      1. this is so stupid says:

        so is your position that of, if you disagree with Obama, you must be a racist? Maybe you need to get a life, and get educated my friend.

        By the way, what is the “N” word exactly? The word so many “African Americans” refer to themselves and their friends as? This political correctness has gone on long enough.

        N word, yeah sure its such an awful word that the President of the United States invites a rapper who often uses THAT horrible word, into OUR white house.

        GROW UP AMERICA, its ok not NOT LIKE EVERYONE for no other reason than you dont want to like them. Isnt that FREEDOM?

      2. MIsterR says:

        What do you mean “not related to this story”? These unseasonable storms are related to ascending air and increasing relative humidity mixing with ice encrusted dust particles in the upper atmosphere. The dust particles mostly emanate from the recent cataclysmic geologic events in the Western Pacific combined with residue from bomb blasts in the Middle East………..

    2. james says:

      That’s what happens when you have a Black President.

  4. Mark says:

    Okay – it’s was called Negro Hill. That is a stupid name. But I think it far more shameful that that cemetery looks like a mud pit – how about some inmates plant some grass?

    And I”m sure they are not carving headstones, just casting them in concrete. Not such a big skill as carving stone.

  5. Rebecca says:

    This story has been in the news for a while now. In other reports a boy scout had raised the money to replace the headstones but for ‘some’ reason Harris wouldn’t take the offer.

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