SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The state Assembly has voted to strengthen the power of California cities to regulate medical marijuana.

Democratic state Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield of Los Angeles says ambiguity over who has authority over marijuana collectives has led to higher crime and illegal sales.

He introduced AB1300 to let cities and other local governments make decisions about locations, crime prevention, licensing, taxation, hours and other rules related to marijuana distribution. The bill was approved 53-1 Friday and goes to the Senate.

The lone dissenter, Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco, wanted the bill to include the term “dispensaries.” He thought that would lend legitimacy to marijuana storefronts, which have sometimes been the target of federal raids.

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Comments (6)
  1. You know im right says:

    Why am I not suprised that the only vote against would be from San Fransisco. that city is nothing more than an aids filled waste of skin.

  2. You are wrong says:

    and you are just a loser pot-head.

  3. Skinner says:

    It’s not medical marijuana!!!!!, it’s an illagal drug. If you want to call it medical marijuana send it off and have it cleared/certified or what ever to the FDA like all other RX then you can call it “MEDICAL” The term medical marijuana was tacked onto the 215 bill which does not make it a medicine.

    1. hmm says:

      Oh shut up!!!! why do you care what other people do! Go pop some more pills because thats much better then smoking a little pot! Right?

  4. You want to smoke too says:

    Shut up haters , you know you want to smoke too , but your to worried about what people might think about you , I’m pretty sure you know, or work with someone that smokes pot .

  5. Karenn says:

    lol yup i agree with “You want to smoke too”…alot of people that criticize medical marijuana want to smoke it themselves…they probaly just don’t qualify for their cannabis card…i’d rather smoke or eat cannabis then take all those nasty pills doctors give us…atleast cannabis doesn’t have pages and pages of side affects…medical marijuana is a blessing to me…it helps with my joint pain, back & neck pain, sleep insomnia, and depression…and all the haters can comment and talk sh** but i don’t care keep talking you haters don’t affect me.

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