SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed the Democratic budget plan approved Wednesday in the Legislature, restarting talks over how to close California’s $9.6 billion deficit.

The Democratic governor says he vetoed the entire set of budget bills passed by majority Democrats. It includes several provisions that would likely face a legal challenge, including imposing a $12 fee on vehicle registrations, a firefighting surcharge on rural residents and an extension of a hike in the sales tax.

He says the plan sent to his desk “will not stand the test of time.”

The plan was widely seen as a placeholder until Brown could compromise with Republican lawmakers over whether to extend a series of expiring tax increases.

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Comments (11)
  1. Landsnekt says:

    Surprise, brown did some thing right!!!

    1. Richard Agesen says:

      This was just a ploy to keep getting paid. What a bunch of schmucks!

      1. Landsnekt says:

        Richard, I don’t think that they have met the burden of passing a balanced budget to the governor. His reason for vetoing it was that it would not stand up to legal challenges, so the controller has all the ammo he needs to not pay them!

      2. Fred says:

        I’m gonna bet they get paid.

      3. TJ says:

        Yeah know… it feels like a ploy for them to get paid and the good enough for government work mentality. But, I hope with overwhelming clear evidence to the public, the governor and treasurer… everyone knowing this was a bad deal. They were doing garbage work to get paid and snub their noses at the public which said no more. They have publicly flipped us off with political spin. That is the total shame of this. They tried and continue to try and blame parties.. but in the end I just can’t seem to understand why they can not put it ALL out there and let the people decide. What are they afraid of? They really need to stop the game playing. They played the public. It is shameful and disgraceful they have behaved this way. They should not get paid, and if they do they should not be supported at all, because they don’t care about you at all. No matter what they say. They did garbage work. They tried to do what they always do. I am not a fan of the Gov, but with that said, I am glad that he vetoed this mess of bill. The legislatures were being selfish and self serving in the end, regardless of the public and the public should not forget that.

      4. Fred says:

        They’re above it all, sort of like the Roman Senate just before the fall of the empire. Elitist and arrogant without limit.

  2. bc says:

    I am glad I got the heck out of California. Its amazing how much better it is up north.
    Cost of living so much cheaper !

  3. diana cavanaugh says:

    Thank you Governor Brown The politicians want their money while the middle class of California are struggling and dying I love this State but it doesnt care about me or my family anymore. Thanks for caring. A republican

  4. Matthew Reeves says:

    The budget was not balanced, how can they say they did their jobs? The plan is once again to pass it off on the public, $&!* rolls down hill. But the law on the books is if they don’t pass a balanced budget they don’t get paid, in no way could what they passed balance out but let’s waste some more time and money trying to figure out what we already know.
    The Weiner scandle is some more shifting of focus, where was this outrage after Monica’s visit to the Oval Office, I believe more damage was done in that case but hey everyone loves a Weiner roast. Weiner’s wife is working for Hillary Clinton, what do you think her advice was? Something like; Don’t leave him if you stay the money keeps coming in. Monica Lewinski, to this date has the highest security clearance at the White House, wonder why?

  5. Roachesmustgo says:

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