SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento District Attorney announced she’s cutting lawyers from her office.

District Attorney Jan Scully says she’s been forced to cut 64 positions to help cut her office’s nearly $7 million deficit.

Of those jobs lost, 31 of them attorneys as well as several other key support staff.

“Some criminals will not be prosecuted for committing crimes not because they are not guilty, but because prosecution of criminals is not a county priority,” said D.A. Jan Scully.

Scully says prosecutors will now  focus more on violent crimes.

Comments (3)
  1. rmcsticks says:

    they can sign upfor sicentific studys , because there are somethings even a Rat won’t do……..

  2. I'll have a double says:

    “Some criminals will not be prosecuted”…………you mean like the mob that attacked the TV news crew??? So nothings changed.

  3. GCG Modesto says:

    It is about time that some of scully’s wantabe’s are being dismissed, they haven’t performed anywhere up to parr for the last 5-6 years, just sitting back stroking it,all at our costs, Have personally challenged scully and her “office” several times but receive no response regarding their typical bias, prejudicial and sexist practices. They refuse to communicate with me regarding several issues because the bottom line is that they are guilty of Abuse of Power while Under Color of Law, ,,lets see if she has the “xxx” to address that statement,Ive the proof , Lets see.and she knows who i am,. GCG that help any See you in a higher court,

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