YUBA CITY (CBS13) — For a second time in one week a teenage girl says she was beaten.  Are bullies taking over in one local school district?

It’s been six months since the attack, but the 12-year-old Yuba Gardens student is still very much affected by it.

“She’s a silent attacker, she comes at you,” said Sabrina Rozell.

But, Sabrina wasn’t silent. For more than a month, she claims she told the school repeatedly that a girl was harassing, following and taunting her.  And Sabrina’s last warning was four hours before she was jumped.

“What were they doing for the four hours,” said Amanda Rozell, Sabrina’s mother.

Sabrina’s mother claims the assistant principal told them no one intervened before the attack.

“His answer was no answer, they don’t know what they could’ve done differently,” says Amanda.

Just yesterday, deputies arrested a Yuba Gardens teen for another fight, which was posted on YouTube.

This prompted Sabrina and her mother to contact CBS13, wondering if the Marysville Joint Unified School District wasn’t doing enough to curb the bullying.

CBS13 made repeated calls to the district and also emailed the Assistant Superintendent, but were told he was in meetings all day and could not be bothered.

Sabrina says when the school didn’t help her, she turned to the police, and deputies eventually arrested her attacker for assault.

“When they’re sent off to school, you count on them to protect your children, you don’t think they’re just going to turn a blind eye,’ explained Amanda.

Sabrina’s mother also says that her daughter has lost so much trust in her school that she’d like to be home schooled from now on.

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  1. Laurie209 says:

    School officials should have brought both teens and parents in the office as soon as this was known. Parents should have been told that if further acts of intimidation and bullying took place the teen and parent would be held responsible and the police would be called. If parents are not advised to get involved, and the school does not take part, this will continue to happen. No child should need to worry about their safety while in school or coming or leaving school.

    1. momof5 says:

      I know these people and the parents were in and out of the office several times over the month prior to the incident. How much more they could have been involved when they weren’t listened to in the first place? Maybe they should have pulled their kid out before it happened and went running scared into their home for home schooling, maybe they should have had a bat and beat the other kid back, maybe they tried their best to fix it BEFORE without trying to instigate more problems and making mass hysteria from running like pansies! You all have only a few facts reguarding these people and the point of them talking was not for a law suit or fame… it was in hopes that the school will start paying more attention to the kids causing the trouble instead of ignoring it. Thats all. But its now proven again via the youtube video that they are doing nothing different than back in January. Its not about school funding, not about the parents, and only a little about the students… Its mostly about the lack of leadership in the people running the school.

      1. Captain America says:

        mom0f5 writes: “I know these people and the parents were in and out of the office several times over the month prior to the incident. How much more they could have been involved when they weren’t listened to in the first place?”

        I already laid this out in detail with bullet points on page 1.


        “Its not about school funding, not about the parents, and only a little about the students… Its mostly about the lack of leadership in the people running the school.”

        It is about the PARENTS because they are the ones that indirectly control the school. As one example of many, let’s say that hypothetically 90% of the parents threatened to pull their kids out of the school unless major change was made or unless the principal resigns, then the school board is going to be forced to stand up and listen.

        Go and look at what all the parents are saying on here. To sum it up, it sounds something like, “We have tried, but we are helpless and there’s nothing more we can do!” What they should be saying is, “We need to better organize, we need to work harder and we need to keep going until the positive changes we want get enacted!”

        Go back and watch the Lean On Me clip I posted on page 1… that was a man who MADE change happen. A group of well organized parents could do something similar. However, the realities are that parents go the extra 100 yards, but not the extra mile. They know their kids only get 4 years at a high school and are too lazy to do what is really necessary to enact effective change. Enacting change isn’t easy, but it CAN be done. Parents need to start saying, “We can!” instead of “We can’t!”

        Here’s an article that just came out last week about a “Parent-Trigger” Law, which illustrates what some motivated people can do:


        In any event, this is meant as encouragement, not as an attack. You seem like you care. So I encourage you to take up the fight. You say you already know the other mom and I’m sure the mom of the girl in the YouTube video would join as well. Now you’ve got three people total. If each of you could get two more parents involved, now you are up to 9. If they get two more parents involved each, you are up to 21. If they get two more people, then you are up to 45. If they get two more people, then you are up to 93. If they get two more people, then you are up to 189. If they each get two more people, then you are up to 381 parents. And so on and so forth.

        The point being is that someone needs to get the dominos in motion. Getting concerned parents to talk to two other parents they know and get them aboard isn’t some massively daunting feat. But let’s say for argument sake that final number of is cut in half, then you are still at 240 parents (and that’s only one parent per family, so you add in spouses, siblings, the kids themselves, neighbors, etc) and you could have a HUGE force picketing in front of the school or signing petitions, etc. Even if you then cut the 240 number in half, it is still 120 parents which would carry significant clout. Moreover, it is a great lesson to TEACH children that they can make a difference in their community.

        Good luck!


  2. Laurie209 says:

    Racist comments are spoken from ignorance. We have pity on you and I know that your parents are embarrassed as to what they have raised.

    1. Bruce Banner says:

      Well said Laurie and I commend you for having the courage to speak up. People like this dolt think they are being “cute” with their comments, when in reality they take absolutely no pride in themselves. The irony is they are so uneducated that they can’t even perceive how foolish they come across to others.

      It is through people like yourself speaking up that opinions will begin to change in favor of more tolerance. After all, in the end, we all still bleed red. And while neither you nor I will likely ever “reach” this clown, other readers that are more on the fence can be swayed even if they don’t take the time to respond.

      Much can be done via the power of the written word and the world needs more people like yourself. Kudos to you!


    2. Jim says:

      There is a difference between Racism and facts. You really need to take your blinders off and stand up for your Country. tramp.

    3. The Hulk says:

      Jim writes: “There is a difference between Racism and facts.”

      I agree. The problem is that you just don’t know what that difference is.


      “You really need to take your blinders off and stand up for your Country.”

      Oh, you mean our country that is made up of a melting pot of cultures? Now it is all clear.



      You are such a blockhead. You try and make a point where people will take you seriously and then you end it with something like “tramp” which just goes and reinforces the fact that you are an imbecile.

      Well done!


  3. Monica Perez says:

    Sacramento Chat Room Website — http://superdoopz.com/sacramento

  4. Paul says:

    It seems now days if you get in a fight your are being bullied. Kids will be kids sometimes fights happen. Sometimes these victims are the ones that start it and they get what they deserve. People are becoming way to sensitive.

    1. Selmers says:

      Absolutely! Maybe this student is an idiot and needed her butt beat? So many are so quick to jump in and have an ipionion with only half a story! Sad!

      1. Melissa Nielsen says:

        Since when is it okay to retaliate with violence. No matter what she said, last time I checked assault is against the law and is a punishable crime. The school has a responsablity to teach our children, and if there are children or teens, that are being a disruption to the educational system, then the school needs to bring in the student and their parents and fix this problem before it escalates. In this case, the mother was in and out of the office with complaints and the student was never even talked to. The school failed in this situation and could have done anything else except nothing. If the school had spoken with the student then perhaps they could say they tried. I won’t be sending my children to that school. I want my kids to learn and to love learning. Not be woried about what some kids might be saying and that they may get jumped for saying the wrong thing.

      2. Hugh Jwang says:

        Seriously, you could say that about school shootings of bullies, some of them just need to get shot right?

    2. Moe says:

      that is probably the most uncaring and irresponsible comment i’ve read. obviously you are not a parent, or if you are, you shouldn’t be.

  5. Anna T. says:

    Can’t stand Yuba Gardens. I went there had issues where my mom had to constantly go in the office because of immature girls making threats. School did nothing about it, even sat with a principal and nothing was resolved. That school is pathetic! They could care less about protecting their students…

  6. rhmonroe says:

    I don’t know how any parent sends a child to public school anymore.

    1. ty says:

      Cant all afford private school

  7. rhmonroe says:

    Alternatively – Eject the bullies from the schools. Make those parents home school their kids. After all, it is their parenting that raised a bully for a child anyway. They can have the expense and inconvenience of home schooling – or be faced with jail time for not educating their child.

  8. Tyrone says:

    We used to have a bully when I went to school, then I kicked his behind and was respected for the rest of my school year. Parents teach your kids to fight.

  9. El Gato says:

    my daughter, and her friends were bullied in elementary school, the school told us the boy had bad parents and a troubled home. how is that my daughters fault. the boy had been kicked off of every bus, no driver wanted him on their bus. i taught her a few things with the understanding that it was for defense only. when the bully came back around she knocked him out with one punch. she was never bullied again. the only other time she was bullied was by a new girl in JR high, she lost but after everyone saw her stand up to the biggest girl in school she was ok again. the school tried to expel her in elementry, i told them that i warned them if they did nothing this was going to happen and that if they tried to expell her i would sue, they dropped the matter. bullies understand one thing strength, if you stand up for yourself they will leave you alone. to all the racist, inbred, white trash biggots, unfortunetly there are people like you in every race and all we can do is hang our heads in shame every time ya’ll open your mouths. i am not a latino, i am a Mexican. My parents worked their a$$ off for me and my syblings, were are successful proffessionals. For your information, Grand Wizzard, the bulk of the people on welfare are white, my sister worked for social welfare. have a nice day

  10. welfaremama says:

    Sounds like Amanda talked to a lawyer……… needed to put it out on the news to make it look like a bigger deal that it was, to pressure the school district into a quick settlement……….just trying for the free money.

    1. Amanda says:

      I am mom of Sabrina. I am not interested in a lawsuit and never was. I will not sue a failing school system for money they don’t have. All I wanted for my kids was a safe education. I know my children are not perfect, and never will be… they are human. Anyone can make a mistake but that does not allow someone to “beat” on another person due to lack of self control. Even if my daughter had run her mouth, when did the other girl go to the office and seek help? She didn’t. I did what I felt was right trying to teach Sabrina to face her problems and work them out. When I saw the school surveillance video the girl came up behind Sabrina giving her no chance to defend herself and no warning she was there. So, I ask you all since you all seem to know so much, what should I have done? Run away? Sue? Go to the school officials? (i did) call the police? ( i did) get a weapon? GIVE ME A BREAK! All I wanted was to make a point that the school is NOT doing anything to change their ways.

      1. Lmanning says:

        I completely understand what you went through. My daughter was bullied this year in fifth grade by one of her best friends. She did not like her having other friends. My daughter a straight A student who never got in trouble ever and was liked by everyone. She became very quiet at home And not wanting to spend time with her friends. She started crying every Sunday before school begging not to go to school.when I asked her what was wrong she finally told me. I found out the girl had hit her at school when the teacher wasn’t looking in the face and threatened to do worse if she told. I told her to go to school if the child did it again to walk out of the classroom and call me on her cell phone. The next day she did it again but this time in front of the teacher. She called me and I had a meeting with the school. It was amazing how we were treated as if we caused the problem. It was a horrible year of me fighting the school for the protection of my daughter. I found out later the child had been doing this for years. I found out the school had been ignoring it because the parents had told the school they would sue them if they kept complaining about there daughter. I was shocked my daughter is in therapy trying to get over this. I totally understand your situation. Don’t worry about people’s comments. No one understands unless they have been through it. I told my daughter to fight back and told the school that I told her to knock the kid out if she did anything again. I was told my daughter would be suspended and the bully wouldn’t. It would be on her record forever and when it came to college applications it wouldn’t look good. People just don’t understand unless they walk in your shoes. You have done just what you should have. I applaud you for the actions you have taken.

      2. Christina says:

        You did the right thing, everybody raises their children a differand way and with differant values. At least you can hold your head up high and know you stood by those values. I wish you all the best with the homeschooling Its a great experiance.

  11. Jowls says:

    School cannot control students’ behavior. Of course it’s not her fault she got jumped; it’s not the school’s either. If these bullies’s parents can’t even get them to stop being jerks, what makes you think the principal can? Yea, so your daughter got beat up at school. It’s the school’s fault. If she gets beat up at the mall, it’s the mall’s fault. How about you teach her to defend herself? MEDIA HOG!

    1. catholic school kid says:

      Schools Can’t control behavior? Like hell they can’t. You obviously never went to a Catholic school.

      Talk in class. Detention. Do it often. Expelled. Don’t do your homework. Detention. Don’t do it often. Expelled. Bullying? Unheard of. The only ones doing the bullying ARE the nuns! LOL

      The nuns make the rules. You abide by them…or else. Nobody messes with a nun. Nobody.

      The problem is ultimately with you namby pamby ill behaved parents who can’t raise your kids to be courteous human beings. You apparently aren’t one yourself. Then when your little Tasmanian devil acts up and abuses others, instead of laying down the law to your little darling, you bully and threaten the school. They in turn apparently cower in your presence and allow BOTH of you to get away with murder.

      Nuns don’t care about your threats. Hey, take your little brat out of school, do us the favor! And if you don’t WE WILL! Expelled.

      The only non Catholic kids that went to our school were the ‘bad seed’ kids the public schools couldn’t handle. Mumsy and daddy put them in our school as a last resort. Their outlaw days were soon over. Nuns take no bull. They are the Marine Corp of schooling/teachers.

      Public school administrators need to stop employing their ‘couldn’t care less’ mode of operandi when dealing with these issues/students/parents and grow some balls.

      1. lol says:

        Kids don’t care anymore, because of dumb parents who don’t care. I hate today’s society.

      2. Christina says:

        Well put. Jowls is really an idiot, most likely is a bullie and raises their kids to be bullies. If more parents would put there kids in there proper place from day one we wouldent have this over growing epademic. I totaly agree that the “public” school system needs to grow some balls.

  12. Sal says:

    “What was the school doing for four hours?”

    Does this lady want the school to give her daughter bodyguards? That will make her look like a total whimp. If mom was so worry, she should’ve home schooled the girl. Why didn’t mom go to the school if she knew about it? Mom didn’t do enough to protect her daugher.

  13. Hawkman says:


    This is a post I wrote elsewhere to other uneducated xenophobes:

    People are so quick to slam the door shut on other cultures from entering the US. If they are not Native American, then they are somehow an immigrant via one form or another. Thus, they were given an opportunity at a better life in America…. Therefore, for them not to afford that exact same opportunity to another immigrant who wants it is hypocritical. That is the antithesis of what America is all about. We are a land of opportunity, not non-opportunity.


    From the New Colossus inside the Statue of Liberty:

    Give me your tired, your poor = America welcomes not only the rich, but also the hard working lower class.

    Your huddled mas-ses yearning to breathe free = America welcomes those who desire a new life filled with freedoms.

    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore = America welcomes those that are considered worthless in abundance.

    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me = Send all of the above that have been beaten down by their adversaries to America.

    I lift my lamp beside the golden door! = All of the above are welcome in America where they will be given the opportunities and freedoms that they would not have elsewhere.


    Do you ever stop and consider what is “legal” or do you just let policy makers decide that for you? Let’s examine the ridiculous nature of what is “legal” and what is “illegal:” It is akin to a woman getting paid by a man to have sex in the privacy of her hotel room versus a woman getting paid by a man to have sex with multiple partners that will be released on DVD for the public to see. The first item is “illegal” as she is deemed a “prostitute,” but the second one is perfectly “legal” as she is an “adult film actress.” Thus, the terms legal and illegal are what’s really B-S. If you are able to re-examine your thoughts from scratch with an open mind, you’ll see this to be true.

    In above example, both the prostitute and the po-rn star are doing the EXACT same thing, yet one is deemed “legal” and one is deemed “illegal.” Just because our government says something is legal and something is illegal doesn’t make it right.


    The vast majority of Americans think that the “illegal” immigrants should just follow “legal” protocols. That would be great if they were practical. However that is like saying that a woman should be able to walk down the streets of Harlem naked at 2 am in the morning by herself and not be assaulted. While yes, that should be the case, but in reality it is just naive to think that.

    The people that make it into this country are almost always those who either have “connections” or those who can afford high priced attorneys to get them in. “Little Pablo” who is hoping to be able to eat tomorrow and lives in a cardboard “house” in Mexico probably doesn’t have the education nor the means to ever become a US citizen. Thus, the United States is turning its back on giving Pablo that opportunity. So instead, he takes the opportunity himself and sneaks across the border hoping for a better life for him and his family. That spirit of hard work, ingenuity and inspiration is precisely what makes America great.

    Even people who have lived here for years as permanent residents have a very difficult time of becoming citizens and it can take decades to do so.

    Yet when we have a chance to get some BS Olympic medal, a special act of Congress can get passed and signed by the President to make Tanith Belbin a US Citizen in time for the Olympic games. Who is more worthy of being a citizen… Tanith who has been a lifelong Canadian or an illegal immigrant (we’ll call him Juan) who has lived in the US for 20 years contributing to the economy? Too bad for Juan that there were no ice rinks in his Mexican barrio.

    As you can see, becoming a citizen is a B-S process that is reserved for those who have the means and the connections to make it in.

    And let’s also not forget that we have brave men and women serving in our armed forces right now that are also not United States citizens. There are roughly 30,000 non-citizens serving in our military and many of them are getting citizenship posthumously. You can risk your life and die to defend this country and not even be considered a citizen? Yep, Little Pablo stands a great chance of being a citizen very, very soon. ((roll eyes))


    What the “illegal immigrant” argument is really about in this country is simply xenophobia. This is precisely why Americans are SO concerned about a fence along the Mexican border in the name of “National Security” and the inference that we need to “protect” our borders from terrorists. “Amazingly” the 1,950 mile border of Mexico is a top priority, yet the 5,000 mile border with Canada isn’t a big deal. I’m sure skin color and the language barrier has nothing to do with that.

    Then people say how the illegal immigrants are costing American taxpayers money and jobs. This is yet another excuse to mask Americans’ xenophobia. The realities are that if every single “illegal” immigrant left the country tomorrow, our entire economy would collapse spiraling us into a major depression.

    *** Do “illegal” immigrants cost Americans money? Yes.
    *** Do “illegal” immigrants generate money for Americans? Yes.
    *** In the end, the benefits of having the illegal immigrants outweighs the cost of having them for many reasons. The vast majority of economists agree as well.

    The people that suffer from the “illegal” immigrants are those workers that are American citizens who are generally young and unskilled. However, I’ll offer up that an equal argument can be made that the people who are costing these young, unskilled workers these jobs are not the “illegal immigrants,” but rather the young, unskilled workers themselves.

    If you grow up in this country as a citizen, then you are afforded every opportunity to change your social status. People who remain in the “unskilled” category usually (not always, but usually) are there due to choices they have made FOR THEMSELVES in their lives. Perhaps it was being more concerned with sports or video games than their education. Perhaps it was choosing to have sexual relations that resulted in becoming a parent far too early. Perhaps it was choosing to commit crime that has left them with criminal records that make it difficult to find quality employment. Etc, etc, etc. If these people had made different choices, chose to make education their number one priority, chose to stay out of trouble, worked hard to gain the necessary skills and mentorship to succeed, then they would never be in that position in the first place. So if those people blew their chance at the American Dream and there are some other hard working people that want to have the American Dream for their own, then more power to them as that is the exact spirit that America was forged upon.


    1. Hawkgirl says:


      Anchor babies were granted citizenship in the United States long before the 14th Amendment was ever put into place. The United States Constitution and our laws are based largely on English law (what a shocker, huh). In fact, many parts of our Constitution have its roots in the Magna Carta. Thus, some of our laws have their roots dating back to the 13th century.

      This is important because the concept of being a natural citizen by birth dates all the way back to the beginning of the 17th century when the last Tudor monarch died and a Scotsman was elevated to the English throne. From there, questions arose as to citizenship. It was decided that place of birth was a factor for citizenship.

      In the early 19th century, BEFORE the 14 Amendment, the Supreme Court of the United States stated: “Nothing is better settled at the common law than the doctrine that the children, even of aliens, born in a country, while the parents are resident there under the protection of the government… are subjects by birth.” In this case, all of the Justices decided that the English law of citizenship by birth was also the law for the Colonies in America.

      Also BEFORE the 14th Amendment, in a different case, the Supreme Court stated: “All persons born in the allegiance of the King are natural-born subjects, and all persons born in the allegiance of the United States are natural-born citizens. Birth and allegiance go together. Such is the rule of the common law, and it is the common law of this country, as well as of England. We find no warrant for the opinion that this great principle of the common law has ever been changed in the United States. It has always obtained here with the same vigor, and subject only to the same exceptions, since as before the Revolution.”

      Then AFTER the 14th Amendment, the Supreme Court stated, (post 1980): “Every citizen or subject of another country, while domiciled here, is within the allegiance and the protection, and consequently subject to the jurisdiction, of the United States” and that “no plausible distinction with respect to 14th Amendment ‘jurisdiction’ can be drawn between resident aliens whose entry into the United States was lawful, and resident aliens whose entry was unlawful.”

      If some of the supposed, self-proclaimed “patriots” here understood the concepts behind how the Supreme Court functions and how precedents are set by them, they would realize that there has been no “misinterpretation.” It is their JOB to interpret our laws and they have done so accordingly.

      Thus, “anchor babies” ARE US CITIZENS. And some of the people here are likely proponents of deporting them. Thus, they are supporting the deportation of LEGAL US CITIZENS. And they pretend they are “patriots” in order to hide their blatant xenophobia which is a direct result of their massive fear and ignorance.


  14. christina says:

    This is one of many California schools that have “issues” the staff and superintendants will say one thing to your face then stab you in the back the next. What ever happend to getting the parents together in the office to work out the issue???? OH wait PRIVACY LAWS thats right we cant face our attackers because they are protected. The basic thing all kids need to remember is keep there hands to themselfs. and the schools need to stop protecting to privacy of the bullyies.

  15. vallie says:

    I remember when my son attended SJUSD Jr. High school. He was struck on his shoulder with a metal pipe. Student came from behind and hit my son on his shoulder, and kept going. My son came home and I saw it was bruised. I contacted the school and the Vice P told me, the way the school handles things – is for both the accused and victim to face each other in the office. Who the hell wants to do that? I took my son to the Dr and luckily he had no broken bones. The school did speak to the other student, and he claimed he found the piipe on school grounds and was running the halls hitting different people. They did nothing to that student cause my son was too scared to come forward. Schools tell you not to call the Police. I hope now a days – You do CALL THE POLICE.

  16. mbee!1 says:

    Such a lot of whiners, teach you kid to fit back and teh problem goes away, There is always going to be someone who is a bully, for Gods sake folks, you have chicken bullies and likewise people bullies. Kick them in the head when they push you and the bullying stops, Whining about it just makes your kid a victim for the rest of his life. Self defense empowers you, waiting for someone else makes you a serf.

  17. ty says:

    I would never stand for my son bullying any person. It is far better to have many friends… But i also advise him that if anyone ever bullies him. He needs to hit the kid right in the face the first time it happens, because if you let it happen once it will happen 1000 times, and progressivly get worse. I know from experience that a person will bully you until you stand up for yourself. And after that they usually move on. Especially if they know that everytime they try to bully you they will be getting into a fight.

  18. moe says:

    parents need to be punished for their children’s crimes.

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