Teen Bullied & Beaten, Mother Outraged More Wasn’t Done To Protect Her

YUBA CITY (CBS13) — For a second time in one week a teenage girl says she was beaten.  Are bullies taking over in one local school district?

It’s been six months since the attack, but the 12-year-old Yuba Gardens student is still very much affected by it.

“She’s a silent attacker, she comes at you,” said Sabrina Rozell.

But, Sabrina wasn’t silent. For more than a month, she claims she told the school repeatedly that a girl was harassing, following and taunting her.  And Sabrina’s last warning was four hours before she was jumped.

“What were they doing for the four hours,” said Amanda Rozell, Sabrina’s mother.

Sabrina’s mother claims the assistant principal told them no one intervened before the attack.

“His answer was no answer, they don’t know what they could’ve done differently,” says Amanda.

Just yesterday, deputies arrested a Yuba Gardens teen for another fight, which was posted on YouTube.

This prompted Sabrina and her mother to contact CBS13, wondering if the Marysville Joint Unified School District wasn’t doing enough to curb the bullying.

CBS13 made repeated calls to the district and also emailed the Assistant Superintendent, but were told he was in meetings all day and could not be bothered.

Sabrina says when the school didn’t help her, she turned to the police, and deputies eventually arrested her attacker for assault.

“When they’re sent off to school, you count on them to protect your children, you don’t think they’re just going to turn a blind eye,’ explained Amanda.

Sabrina’s mother also says that her daughter has lost so much trust in her school that she’d like to be home schooled from now on.


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