Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Don starts with some bad news: the passing of Ryan Dunn from Jackass in a car wreck late last night, which bums out everybody on the Don Geronimo Show. Don and Dave talk about their favorite Jackass moments, especially the ones Ryan was a part of. We then find out Jean Claude Van Damme is doing Coors commercials, which leads to a discussion of Van Damme vs. Steven Segal. Don gives us a weekend recap, in which their new dog Butterbean is wearing a lamp shade around her neck because she has a hole in her cornea.

Apparently there is an “A list” celebrity who is being sued for $20 million by someone who claims to have gotten herpes from them, so Don googles “celebrity herpes” and the “Derek Jeter herpes tree” comes up, so the guys take a look at who got indirectly affected by the Yankees’ slugger. Noodles is fooling around with the 300 lb girl again, Amy Winehouse was booed of the stage last night, and Rachael Ray’s dress on the Daytime Emmy Awards last night was ugly. Don then tells us about a radio dictator named Randy Michaels, who has a notorious list of “Things to not say on the radio.”

Our good friend Roy stops by, hungover, for another edition of “LaRoy’s World Of Gay,” and this time, he brings in his best friend Olivia, much to the happiness of all the guys. Don gives her the “Hot Seat” quiz, and she even sings pretty well! The show concludes with more Ryan Dunn talk, the passing of E St. Band member Clarence Clemons, and Jon Stewart ripping Chris Wallace a new one.


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