By CBS Sacramento Staff

YUBA COUNTY (CBS13) – Yuba County detectives are digging up human remains discovered buried on property in the town of Rackerby and have arrested a man who lived at the home.

Deputies arrested Steven Knoefler Sr. Monday evening. Deputies began investigating Knoelfer after getting a tip that a body was buried on his property on the 15000 block of Vierra Road in Rackerby.

After a series of interviews, deputies searched Knoelfer’s property and found skeletal remains. Deputies believe the crime happened several years ago, and that the remains have been buried for quite awhile.

The person who tipped off investigators likely held the secret for years. A few days ago that person led authorities to the home.

Knoefler has a history of domestic violence against his girlfriend. The latest report was in 2008. But investigators don’t think the body is his girlfriend.

Detectives are at the property now working to unearth the remains. The identification of the body is pending. Detectives will be at the home late into the night, slowly combing through evidence.

Comments (12)
  1. oldfart says:

    Looks like he ate his victim.

  2. marc sac says:

    Do you have that tattooed on your neck? Hey why dont you guys wear hair nets anymore?

  3. IN YOUR FACE says:

    Speaking of Pink like pigs,, How is your mother diong? last time i seen her, she was talking to a spider on a farm.

  4. a hillbilly for peace says:

    I live in this area. This is a sad story which involves children. Did the woman deserve to die? Absolutely not. However, please consider these are kids who have lost a mom and now a dad. This dad has been a loving, protective, involved dad. It’s a shame he chose to solve a dilemma in this manner. But to make fun of his mug shot and not speak to the tragedy of this is fairly, well, low class.

    1. Fred says:

      You seem to know a lot more about this that the article conveyed.

      1. concerned parent says:

        My family used to go to school with his children.. his children were very polite and had great manners. He always showed up for school functions and was polite himself. Sadly I did not ever really get to know him or his children but people should be more sensitive to the family involved. Just because you don’t approve or like how someone looks does not mean that YOU are any better of a person than they are. My heart goes out to the children.

  5. oops says:

    Steven, you mad somebody mad and they snitched you off…………to bad…..have a nice life…………sentence that is…………..

  6. derF says:

    I’m shocked – this dude appears to be a fine upstanding citizen. Or a biker thug. Oh well

  7. someone who does know the facts says:

    i think its very sad that while something like this has happened those of you who have no idea what you r talking about have your sick and pathetic responses to a situation that involves three children here. They are heartbroken at the loss of their father and are in complete shock as to the cause of that loss. I think before any more responses are left here everyone should take a long look in the mirror at how sad they are that they are putting their own need to be funny or vengeful or whatever before the welfare and mental stability and heartbreak of these three innocent children.

  8. meg says:

    this man is my step cousins father

  9. lisa carrington says:

    Does anybody know if this the Steven that was married to Colleen Banta?

  10. brendon wilder says:

    You people r a bunch of pigs mainly oldfart that was my mom that was killed I don’t care what happens to him its what is my family going to do next he has what is coming to him so from now on can you have a little more respect for my family and not discrace my mom any more then the news has already

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