SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a shooting in the Arden Arcade area that also sent a toddler to the hospital.

The shooting happened on Truax Court near Edison Avenue on Wednesday evening about 9:45.

Deputies say a family inside a nearby apartment complex heard the gunshots and ducked down on the floor with their two-year-old daughter. In the process, the girl cut her head on a piece of glass.
She’s doing okay.

Deputies have found about eight shell casings but no suspects.

Comments (7)
  1. What a joke says:

    Really? They are reporting this? Talk about media sensationalism. Put the words: “Shots Fired, Toddler and Hurt” all in the headline and apparently that makes it news.

    The fact that apparently none of the bullets even got near her is just a tidbit. lol

  2. leroy says:

    Big area for mexican and black gang activity. Competition between the south and north mexican gangs.

  3. Kado says:

    Yep Leroy. And white trash (90%) buying crack,crank, oh and don’t forget hoes. So get off your high horse i mean high chair and quit typing

    1. joe says:

      Well at least i know the odds are against me getting mugged , car jacked or shot by a white person. We really need a curfew on Blacks.

  4. gordonfan says:

    An innocent child has been traumatized by foolish actions of adults

  5. yawn says:

    I heard the shots too and stubbed my toe looking for my remote to turn my tv up….Wheres my article?

    But seriously, glad the child wasn’t hurt….

  6. joe says:

    Even a Black baby knows how to drop and roll.

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