After just landing in Sacramento, Kings 2011 1st Round draft pick Jimmer Fredette calls Grant to talk about his draft day experience and what his hopes are coming into the NBA. Fredette talks about his excitement on joining the Sacramento Kings and also chats a bit with Grant about his general hobbies and interests.

Comments (3)
  1. Chris J says:

    So now you have Tyreke Evans and Jimmer, both of which love to shoot…so instead of working it inside to a great big man we are gonna keep jackin up 3’s

  2. Tony says:

    of course were going to be jackin up 3’s and score points sigh. and if we are going to get aaron brooks who is a play maker even better with fredette , thomas. and if we go HARD on marc gasol. it’s the play-offs. i am very happy with our draft pick s , WELCOME fredette , honeycutt , thomas! GO KINGS!

  3. Mace says:

    They’ll be doing it over seas LOL! The lockout is on in poppin LOL

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