Don starts with Dave’s really slow driving to the KHTK event out at Winchester Golf Course yesterday, and Olivia dropped an unflattering tweet about Drew an hour before the show. Don then goes on a Robby Benson tangent when it is realized that Jimmer Fredette looks very similar to him. Olivia then calls in after hearing a few of Drew’s remarks about her. She says he has no chance, but the guys have other thoughts. had a new clip of Don from 1980, and we get to hear it. Don thinks it’s garbage, but Dave, being the kiss-up that he is, thinks it’s brilliant! Don then plays a clip from Glenn Beck’s show last night, where he complains about the people of New York who he claims were harassing him in Central Park. Don then does his “Dirty Jay Leno,” then plays “Make Drew Laugh” with the listeners.

Engineer Bruce comes in with his collection of Top 100 hits from 1981, so Don can play “Stump The Stoop” with Dave. Don obliterates Dave mercilessly, but Dave saves face on an Alan Parsons Project song. Don shows Dave his new app that makes your face look like a zombie’s, and plays a clip of a homeless man in NY who is asking 1 million people for 1 dollar. Don finishes off the show with a caller 100.

Comments (2)
  1. WhoDatMan says:

    Please! Please go back to breaking up the show into segments. Please.

  2. Doug says:

    I still can’t download the show as a podcast, but I can hear it fine. The arrow on the player doesn’t work like it used to. Is there anyone out there with a suggestion for me? I’m using the latest version of the player and mine isn’t an old ‘puter. Thanks.

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