EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — CBS13 got an inside look at Nancy Garrido’s life behind bars as she makes a plea from prison.

The woman who is now paying the price for the 18 years of hell Jaycee Dugard endured is asking for help.

“How are you doing?” says Stephen Tapson, reading one of Nancy Garrido’s letters.

That’s how this “short note”, as Nancy Garrido calls it, started.

Her attorney, Stephen Tapson, received the letter it a few days ago. Today she called his office.

“Other than some slurs from fellow inmates, she’s doing okay,” said Tapson.

Nancy is getting harassed and making friends. Tapson says she’s currently living in a cell alone able to talk back and forth through the bars with fellow inmates.

She writes: “I’m doing fine. It’s a rude awakening here. So far, I’ve met some really nice ladies. Please give Phillip my information.”

“She still loves him. Whatever you say, she’s in love with him so she wants to contact him obviously,” said Tapson.

Staying in contact with her husband is the most important thing to her along with getting back her wedding ring. The El Dorado County Jail wouldn’t allow her take it to state prison, so Tapson is going to mail it to her.

Tapson collected Nancy’s belongings from the jail last week. Among the possessions is her Bible. In it, certain passages are highlighted including from the first book of Kings: “God please let this child’s life return to him.”

And in Psalms Chapter 15: “Speaking the truth from sincere hearts.”

He also has letters from Phillip to her – more than 200. Phillip wrote mainly about God and his love for her. For now they’re in a paper bag until Tapson decides what to do with them.

“They love each other, so whatever you say about that how bizarre that is and how stupid that is, that’s the way it is,” he said.

Tapson says the California Department of Corrections is still determining whether Nancy should be in protective custody. He believes she should be at least until the prison system has time to see how other inmates will adjust to her arrival.

Comments (5)
  1. cgood2 says:

    Nancy Garrido is a brain-washed woman. She loves a psychopath/pedophile and completely enabled his dysfunction. Some marbles are missing…. I feel absolutely no empathy for her. May she rot in prison and be completely uncomfortable for the rest of her life.

  2. They Both Will Die In Prison says:

    Let the B…I…T…C…H rot in prison, no contact with the outside world, ever…..

    I hope they pay, dearly, for what the have done.

    Lesson Learned…

  3. sally says:

    Nancy and Phillip should be taken outside and shot. Our homeless vets would probably love some kind of shelter and medical care these animals get showers, food a toilet and food three times a day SHAME SHAME SHAME on our system. Shoot the F uckers

  4. Jeanne says:

    No she should not be placed in protective custody, put her in general population and then let the other prisoners do what they want. They did not care that they cost a little girl 18 years of her life, why should she be protected? They really need to make prison an actual punishment istead of the easy life it is now, the only thing they can’t do is leave whenever they want and go outside, they get everything else handed to them.

  5. Bonju Patten says:

    I would love to electrocute both of them or better yet cremate them both alive.

    I would if I were IN CHARGE take all murderers, pedophiles and rapists, rape them, torture them and then cremate them alive. Do unto others…

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