Don starts with the breaking news that Casey Anthony, for some reason, was acquitted of the murder of her child, which leads Don to name today’s show, “Even O.J. Thinks She’s Guilty” day. Don then tells us about his 4th of July weekend, which consisted of 3 things: Madden, the pool, and Twilight Zone reruns.

Dave then tells us about his camping trip over the weekend, and the loud Vietnamese people in the neighboring campsite. After another visit from Dirty Jay Leno,we find out that Roy’s boyfriend Corey is sick with an anal blockage. Roy calls up shortly after and tells us that Corey has diverticulitis. Don then calls up 7 Elevens, hotels, and bars in Orlando to play “Foreign Or Domestic” and “How ’bout that?”

Don then interviews Sacramento’s own Urijah Faber, who was robbed of a victory over the weekend at UFC 132. Noodles emailed Don a few clips of Dave’s old show, and Don plays those for us, before returning to the Casey Anthony trial. Somehow this leads the guys on a discussion of whether or not pregnant women are hot, which leads Don to googling pregnant women porn. This opens a whole can of porno worms, as granny porn, clown porn, and even Santa Claus porn are explored over the next few segments.

CBS 13’s Sam Shane stops by with the top 3 news stories, Don tells us which restaurant chains are closest to going under, and Drew finishes us off with a happy ending.


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