By Tony Lopez

LOOMIS (CBS13) – A local woman and Tea Party activist says she is being targeted just for wanting to spread a message.

Debbie Shore has put up dozens of signs around the Loomis and Penryn area and finds days later they are all taken down.

 “They are violating not only my freedom of speech but they are preventing other people from becoming educated,” Debbie Shore said. “It’s my constitutional right to say that.  It’s my constitutional right to educate people and let them make their own decision. It’s not just about the signs.”

Shore says she just wants to give people information before they make an opinion.

The Tea Party Patriots group is making more signs and will continue to post them despite the thefts and requests to take them down.

Comments (42)
  1. Dan says:

    wow, there’s an actual conservative in this state? Quick put her on the endangered species list.

    1. Gary says:

      You are obviously not from Placer County. 🙂

  2. NetAmigo says:

    It doesn’t sound like she is putting these signs up on her private property. The signs should be taken down if they are improperly placed on others’ property or on public right of ways.

  3. MaryMary says:

    Hope she dont get in my crosshairs.
    If someone is putting signs on my private property – I am taking it down!

  4. A somewhat reasonable person says:

    Where in the constitution does it say anything about “right to educate people”?
    She may have the right to offer information that is possibly educational but it is other peoples right to judge whether they want the information. If she is placing the signs in unauthorized places, then other people have the right to remove them. Everyone screams “their constitutional rights” and most like this lady have as much knowledge of the US Constitution as a dead skunk. The quality of reporting on this station has continued to fall for years the evening team is probably the worst in this area. Ed Murrow and his team are probably spinning in their graves.

  5. Mxyzptlk says:

    I thought that when I saw her on the news. She can be a tea pariter, that’s her right… but if you’re going to represent your group on the news, look your best,

  6. Nigglebaun says:

    When you put signs on property you don’t own or rent it’s called littering.

  7. Chas Burnett says:

    If she, like numerous other sign posters are posting the sign on any property that they do not own, without the permission of the owner, they are breaking the law and local codes.
    I take those stupid advert signs down all the time that are stapled to telephone poles, etc..
    Take that Debbie Shore.

  8. downthedrain says:

    Very disappointed regarding the headlines for this news article, is CBS going the scandle sheets route? Since when are property owners considered vandels for getting rid of signs that some one has placed on “Their” property, you really are getting to the point where we don’t want to read what you write tis a waste of time . What has happened to serious professional journalism?
    I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT A SERIOUS TEAPARTIER would do this perhaps she is brain damaged or a child in an adult body if ya know what I mean..

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