By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A gift from an anonymous donor to a fire station stricken by budget cuts has been held up in City Hall for nearly a month.

Firefighters at Sacramento Fire Station 8 were surprised when a man insisted they take a $500 gift card as a measure of thanks in the face of looming reductions, an act so rare that Fire Chief Ray Jones said he has only seen it once before.

Fire officials immediately followed protocol and notified city leaders about the donation, and the gift has been in limbo ever since.

“Basically, we don’t have a mechanism to take donations of that sort,” Jones said. “Someone wants to help out their local fire station, it’s not so simple.”

A city charter says no firefighters can take a donation without city council consent.

For the gift card to be returned to Station 8, the city treasurer, the city attorney, and assistant city manager and Fire Chief Jones all have to sign off on the gift — and then the entire City Council can vote on whether to accept the gift.

No city officials were available to comment to CBS13 about the matter Friday.

Comments (10)
  1. WisenCynical says:


  2. Mike says:

    Government at work.

  3. redneckwriter says:

    And this surprises who? anyone? anyone at all?

  4. tapestry says:

    A bunch of eliites can’t stand to think someone else could
    get, let alone give money with no strings attached. That is wrong with our
    city and state.. they are so ‘above’ all of us, they can’t deal
    with something as simple as voting to allow the fiiremen a few groceries
    for the fire house….city councils just the tip of the iceberg, the legistlaters,
    senators are worse!

  5. David F Shultz says:

    We can’t show favoritism for 1 fire house over another. I guess the city council will just have to keep it and maybe have a very small catered affair for themselves.

  6. rmcsticks says:

    Just another case of gov trying to justify there jobs . you guys are a bunch of ass wipes. Chef , next time just buy the boys something good for dinner and lets call it a day with out BS gov. Sacramento stop trying to justify your jobs , there is no way in hell you can pull it off…..

  7. emily stuart says:

    by the time everyone weighs in they’ll have wasted over $500.00 in tax dollars.

  8. Mace says:

    Maybe $500 was like $5.00 to these people LOL in other words they make too much money to be bothered

  9. fast freddy says:

    dont worry about it. firemen make that a day retired at you wont

  10. chad says:

    And people want Government in charge of our healthcare…..No thanks

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