Audio: The Don Geronimo Show – July 13, 2011

Don starts with some bad news, Rodney King got a DUI last night, so he won’t be on the show today. To lighten the mood, Don tells Phantom the “Strep Anus” story.

The California State Fair is serving a “Maggot Melt” this year, and asks Super Producer Joe to get somebody from the fair on the show this week. The guys then talk about the X Factor promo during the All-Star game last night which Don thought was lame. Don then calls his wife Janet, who just returned home from her trip back east last night. They talk about their dogs, and the annoying guy who sat next to Janet on the flight.

Sherwood Schwartz passed away at 94 yesterday, and that leads Don and Phantom into a discussion of their favorite old television programs. Don then tells Phantom about his brother Jim, and even leaves Jim a voicemail on the air. Don also resets the Bart “it wasn’t me, dad” story for Phantom. Dave goes into geek mode and tells Don about his new Star Trek app, and that leads the guys into some full on app demonstrations, including Don’s zombie app, Dave’s piccolo app, and Don’s text to speech app.

We then hear about a Walnut Grove, CA woman who cut off her husband’s penis and stuck it in the garbage disposal. This gives Don the idea to play a game with the callers, in which they have to put something of theirs into their garbage disposal. One young lady calls up and puts her sex toy in there, much to the delight of everybody. We then hear a story about Hitler giving blow up dolls to his armies. Speaking of blowing up, Dave has been farting like a mad man lately, and Joe takes a few of his on-air rips and sets them to autotune.

After some fun with the John Wayne soundboard and the sales staff, Don introduces Phantom to the TelMed support line, which is the medical information 1-800 number the guys played with last week. After the 30 greatest opening movie scenes, and the greatest TV and movie rock bands, Joe informs us that his wife solicited sex last night, since she heard that Craig and Paris do it 3 times a day. Don wraps it up with a caller 100, and Drew finishes us off with a happy ending.


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