Today on the Don Geronimo show, Don shares with us Janet’s heart attack scare last night… turned out to be bad heartburn. Craig tweeted a picture of his shirtless burned hairless chest, leading to attacks from the crew, but a message from Dave’s wife asking him if he works out. Don then calls Melissa to see what truly was behind the message, Dave then grounds her.

Despite the laughs from Dons peanut gallery, Dons listeners find out that it truly is a difficult task to make Phantom laugh. Chief Engineer Bruce once again proves how ridiculously smart he is when it comes to music in another editions of Stump The Stoop.

Don recaps another Hell’s Kitchen and talks with the most recent loser from the show, Brendan Heavey and asked him why he lied to Gordan Ramsey, and if he did end up having relations with one of the female contestants.

Dave and Don discuss Comic-Con and we hear Ed Asner give TV the F bomb, and Rupert Murdoch wears a cream pie. All that and much more awesomeness!


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