COLFAX, Calif. (CBS13) – A couple had suspected that a bear was responsible for knocking down the bird feeders on their property for the past decade, but now they have proof.

Fred Abbott said he recorded about half an hour of video on his iPhone two weeks ago when a black bear sauntered onto his property and attempted to bat down a bird feeder for a quick snack.

“My wife came in and said, ‘The bear is coming!’” said Fred. “I’ve seen bears before in parks and stuff, but I’ve never seen one so close.”

The video shows the bear mulling around the Abbott’s front yard, standing tall and climbing a tree in the hunt for the bird feeder. Although the animal spent several minutes high in the air trying to reach the feeder, the bear dropped to the ground empty handed.

Fred said he knows the bear will be back soon and hopes to catch him on video again, but he’s having second thoughts about putting the bird feeders back up.

“He’s been in the neighborhood for a long time and he hasn’t really caused any problems,” he said.


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