Audio: That Don Geronimo Show – July 22, 2011

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Don Geronimo Podcast 640x480

Don begins by telling us about the eBay alert Janet got at 4:45, and the pictures she wants to send Dave. Don then talks about the video Noodles took of Craig on the roof yesterday, and how much of a pansy Craig is.

After a lengthy discussion of the NFL lockout, Dave tells us that his ex girlfriend will be co hosting his afternoon show today, and someone has made an Ashley Madison profile of Dave’s wife, Melissa. After Don tells us the stolen bike story from his childhood, it’s time to karaoke! This is Phantom and Little Joe’s first karaoke experience on the Don Geronimo show, and they do not cease to impress!

The guys then talk cable TV, Super Dave on Conan last night, and Don tells us a classic story about one of his old colleagues, Larry Lujack, “Superjock.”The guys then talk more NFL, Hulk Hogan getting an oil check from Andre The Giant, and Phil Rizzuto on a Meatloaf song. Don then wraps things up with a caller 100!

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