PHILADELPHIA (CBS13/AP) — Prosecutors say a psychiatric evaluation has been ordered for a Roseville, California woman who was arrested at Philadelphia International Airport after she made threats on board a flight arriving from London.

Police arrested Hannah Shiner on Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators say she threatened the flight crew and passengers, saying she’d blow up the plane.

An incident report from Tinicum Township police say Shiner was chanting “f*#@ the Government and blow up the Government.” It also said she made numerous references to the 911 attacks and that she said she supported Bin Laden for blowing up the Pentagon.

Police have not said what they believe prompted her statements,.

The Delaware County district attorney’s office says Shiner faces charges of disorderly conduct and making terroristic threats. Officials with the prosecutors’ office say Shiner was arraigned Thursday and is being held on $250,000 bail.

It is not clear if she has an attorney.

Comments (5)
  1. soundsdrunkagain says:

    Hopefully they keep her in Pennsylvania.

  2. Rick Williams says:

    The report neglected to mention the airline that this incident took place on. I’ll assume it’s US Airways, since Philadelphia is one of their major hubs and the camera panned to the sign at Sacramento Int’l Airport.

  3. ConcernedCitizen says:

    We’re not getting the full story here. It’s very possible the airline did something stupid to her – like bumped her, told her there was no room for her bags, insulted her, etc. She may have just made some sort of offhand comment “What do you think I am, Bin Laden? I’m here to blow up the plane?” and the crew went into a hissy fit. With how rude they are on airlines and through the security checkpoints, i’m just saying this is a possibility.

    1. Hank A. says:

      OR, maybe she is just some AH who thinks everybody ought to let her do whatever she wants.
      My money’s on she hadn’t turned off her electronic devices or maybe they refused to serve her anymore alcohol, or whatever, and little Miss “I’m the queen of the universe” got her panties in a wad. It’s funny, whenever I fly I never seem to run into all these “rude” airline employees or those TSA agents who act like the Gestapo. Personally, I think some of you are just looking for a fight and if somebody even looks at you funny you’re ready to fight and then sue them.

    2. Michelem says:

      It doesn’t matter what/if they did/said anything to her. Referencing Bin Laden can be deterimed as a threat.

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