SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — State lawmakers and policy analysts are trying to figure out how the tentative federal deal to cut $900 billion over the next decade could affect California and so far, it’s unclear.

The state is expecting $79 billion from the federal government this year, much of it money that’s passed through to local governments, schools and individuals for health care for the poor, education and transportation. The state is expected to spend another $129.5 billion.

Jason Sisney of the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office says the deal appears to result in little reductions in federal aid in the short term. But more substantial and unspecified cuts will have to follow in future years.

That could come at a time as the state and local governments are still dealing with their own deficits.

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Comments (2)
  1. Rick Mondavi says:

    Guess we might want to revisit the whole “legalizing weed” bit huh? It seems to be the only SURE money stream….what morons.

    1. ... says:

      Yes they are morons, Why is tobacco still legal if it is the number one killer? Weed does not need to be illegal considering there are thousands of prescription drugs and alcohol that alter one’s mind state so there is no real justification. I don’t even smoke weed and I for its legalization. That money is being wasted in the black market. People will continue to smoke it regardless so it would be smart to make money from it. Even if it’s for a few years as a trial to close the deficit

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