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ELK GROVE, Calif. (CBS13) — Police and Sheriff’s deputies raided a major marijuana growing operation spread out across several local cities on Thursday, finding thousands of marijuana plants and arresting nine suspects.

The Elk Grove Police Department said search warrants were served on the 8400 block of Modena Way in Elk Grove; the 8500 block of Aleksander Court, Brenham Court, and Loma Mar Court in Sacramento; and the 1900 block of Bidwall Bar Drive, the 1900 block of Long Horn Train Drive, and the 1700 block of Guildford Way in Plumas Lake.

More than 3,100 marijuana plants were recovered at the residences, and nine suspects were arrested and booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges that include cultivating marijuana and conspiracy.

The suspects have been identified as 45-year-old Dao Rong Feng, 64-year-old Mary Phung La, 24-year-old Tyson La, 38-year-old Li Guang Li, 19-year-old Dat Ngoc Mai, 20-year-old Hoang Ngoc Mai, 87-year-old Mei Huang, 37-year-old Sam Truong and 40-year-old Anh Thi Mai Vu.

The suspects are scheduled to be arraigned Monday.

Comments (21)
  1. Slyvester says:

    The last 2 presidents have all used at least Marijuanna and cocaine. It was ok for them. You elected them anyway. They were all drug addicts. Mr Obama is a recovering cocain and Marijuanna addict. They cannot be trusted. They would sell thei mother for the drug.

    1. Monstera Deliciosa says:

      Please stop making sensible comments. You’re exposing the ugly fact that our society is primarily composed of morons and hypocrites.

  2. ConcernedCitizen says:

    Why is the title all about Elk Grove when only 1 of the 7 addresses given appear to be actually in Elk Grove?

  3. Germaine says:

    Tats the guvment that do that to African Americans. They give em drug powder to make they fail

    1. Monstera Deliciosa says:

      Lol. Ya–couldn’t be the African American’s fault. Is the government holding the pipe to their mouth???

      People like relaxing and taking a break from the rigors of society with drugs of all kinds. To make a comparison between what are arguably the two most common of those drugs:

      Ask yourself whether you would want your kids smoking marijuana or getting hammered. If you answered “getting hammered”, you have never smoked marijuana so shut the eff up and don’t judge unless you have the experience required to make an accurate judgement. You’re being unnecessarily combative.

      Difference between a stoned driver and a drunk driver: the drunk driver will blow through a light speeding and T-bone a car, killing 3 and critically injuring 2. A stoned driver will stop at the green light!

  4. TiKi says:

    They are Vietnamese, not Hmong.

  5. Devika Nate Elliott says:

    ur a dumb a$$

  6. Mary says:

    Now, elk grove police, how about some real work, like finding who killed the two Sikkh men out for a walk!

  7. Patrick Nguyen-Vo says:

    Only some are Vietnamese. Please get your facts straight.

  8. The Blogger says:

    Really in alll honesty, shouldn’t weed be legal?

    The citizens of Calif dropped the ball in the last election….

    It is costing the state billions in revenue……

  9. weluvithere says:

    we berry, berry happi to be in Amerika, we make many monie wif dope. and tank u Amerika goberment fo da welfare chek.

  10. Cathy says:

    I am glad their pictures are up so everyone can see who they are!!!

  11. Mace says:

    I wonder what race they are?

  12. Big Tiny says:

    are they that dum all they need was a 100,00 dollar grow card from one of these so called Dr and they can grow grow grow some people are still that dum but to all u people who dont know 1 yes 1 good plant if u know what your doing can net up to 1800 to 2000 dollars in as little as 4months if u are out of work doing nothing 10 plants 4 months u do the math it is happing as we speak those wellness center dont get there stash from china

  13. jon says:

    more on the unemployment roll..darn

  14. HooDatIS? says:

    i told granny not to grow so many plants
    she loves to cook weed brownies for the nieghborhood kids shes a good girl dont lock her up

  15. Bradley Winchell says:

    Ever hear of deportation?

    1. Ray Kevin says:

      Yes I have what country do you want to be sent to?

  16. Ray Kevin says:

    Big bust! What a joke our police have become! These are not criminals and did nothing wrong!

  17. conserver1 says:

    Too many government restrictions on business! If the mayor wants to know why businesses have trouble operating, just look at this raid. These Americans are trying to compete with importers and illegal immigrants growing in our forests. Give them a break!

  18. Donkey says:

    Chinese, i know for a face

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