SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police have taken a man into custody suspected of firing shots from his gun in midtown Sacramento overnight.

Early Friday morning police received multiple reports of someone firing several shots in the alley near 18th and V Streets.

After setting up a perimeter around the alley, police say they spotted the man who was apparently hiding.

Police negotiated with the man via loudspeaker until he finally surrendered and was taken into custody.

No one was reported injured by the shots.

Comments (7)
  1. Rusty says:

    That kind of info would be redundant. Every reader assumed that already just looking at the headline.

  2. lili says:

    Ed and Hardy you are horrible people. The world needs less people like you.

  3. DC says:

    I don’t care of his skin color is blue…just glad he’s behind bars!

  4. Osama Hangaminichad says:

    I just hate these racist comments. “Stupid” comes in all colors / ethnicities.

  5. Patience says:

    Why would you need to report the color of someone’s skin? People are from the human race and skin color has nothing to do with the act. It would sound really racist that each time a crime is committed to mention one’s skin color, don’t you think? Or is that the problem, you don’t think before you speak nor do you care what you sound like or what it looks like when you write or make comments? Which one is it? Most likely, ALL.

  6. Mace says:

    Only racist request to know of someone’s skin color, while hiding behind a keyboard. LOL

    1. Steve says:

      Seriously Mace. Does everything you type really make you Laugh Out Loud?

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