PACIFICA (CBS SF) –- A pregnant Pacifica woman died following a mauling by her dog at her home Thursday, police said.

Pacifica police officers found an unresponsive 32-year-old Darla Napora lying in the front room not breathing when they responded to a home in the 500 block of Reina Del Mar Avenue shortly after 12:15 p.m.

The victim’s husband had come home from work and found their 2-year-old male pit bull hovering over his wife’s body.

Officers began performing CPR before Pacifica Fire Department and San Mateo County paramedics arrived and pronounced her dead at the scene.

As the woman was being treated, the pit bull escaped from the backyard and approached the first responders, police said. Officers shot and killed the dog.

There was a second dog in the backyard, and it and the deceased dog were taken to the Peninsula Humane Society for examination.

An autopsy for the woman and a necropsy for the dog are scheduled for Friday.

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  1. Suzi Johnston says:

    While I hate that deaths like this happen, I’m sick to death of the damned media for getting people riled up while they have no idea what the true story might be, but it sure sells, doesn’t it?

    Regarding German Shepherds, my husband trained them for the Air Force back in the 60’s as guard dogs….. aka attack dogs. He took his personal Air Force dog, Sinbad, to fairs, schools & events around the state showing just what the dog would do. Sinbad was acting “odd” for a couple of days causing my husband concern. Then Sinbad lunged at my husband who put his arm up to protect his face. The dog bit all the way THROUGH his hand. He almost lost his arm. The Air Force put the dog down immediately & did a necropsy (that’s an autopsy on an animal) & found the dog was riddled with cancer.

    There are people who abuse animals or teach them to fight (remember Michael Vick?? Jeffrey Daumer??). Murderers, it has been proven, most often started by mistreating/maiming/killing animals. Shall we get rid of all of those people or just given them a slap on the wrist like, more times than not, happens now? After all, according to the Legislature, dogs are “just property” & don’t really matter. But where does the fault lie for the most part? With people, that’s where! For those who don’t work with dogs, they should not condemn a breed that they know nothing about except for what the media feeds people to rile them…. they know what sells papers & news, so that’s why they do it.

    Let’s see… why don’t we compare death by dog attacks to death by drunk drivers? How about death by a jealous or angry person? Or death by a druggie? Oops!! Guess who wins? It’s NOT death by dogs of any kind — all breeds combined! People killing people for no good reason. Should we just kill ’em all, eh? Or excuse me…… “humanely euthanize them?”

    It would be very interesting to see some REAL statistics on this subject in comparison.

    1. Bill says:

      All this ranting and for what….to show how ignorant you are?

    2. Ryan says:

      They were originally bred for fighting.

    3. Samantha says:

      agreed. sorry to hear about your husband. I had my face attacked really bad when I was 2 but it was because my mom left me alone in the living room at a friends house with their Rott on the 4th of July, I reached for a toy next to the dog from behind, and sure enough my face was torn off. My husband was bit by a friends lab when he was 7. He was out in the backyard of their house and had not played over there in a while, the dog was a little unease, and once my husband started to play loudly with the other kids, the dog got him. I have so many similar stories. So once again the blame is on the owners and the parents in my situations. I also posted on here at 4:04pm.

      1. J says:

        Rotts are also at higher risk for such behaviors and I’ve met plenty who would rather nap in the sun then do anything so I was surprised to learn that. I also had a neighbor that had one that was so vicious due to abuse that the dog always had a muzzle on when being walked and if you went in my neighbor’s house the dog had to be locked up. And it was viciously trying to get out. I never went in that neighbor’s house again! Dobermans, rots, gsd, and pitts are all higher risk breeds and need an educated owner. Very surprised about the lab. Very sorry to hear about what happened to you. What a tough thing for a 2 year old to go through!

    4. PitBullsAreVicious says:

      @Suzi Johnston:

      When you say “REAL statistics” you mean REAL statistics made up (fabricated) by the pro pit bull lobby. I get it!

    5. J says:

      gsds are higher risk for such behavior too and add on the training and that highers the risk. It is sad the dog was so ill and feel bad for your husband, I was stalked by a gsd mix as a kid and had issues with a purebred used to mother many of the dogs used by the police in our city. After we complained to animal control about her coming out of the garage (no leash or anything) and pacing her yard (like a few inches from us) and giving us the same look as the other dog, I never saw her out again. Animal control knew exactly who the dog was and told us about her use to the police because she was an import from Germany.

  2. A says:


    1. PitBullsAreVicious says:


      And what is your excuse…you fell off of your skateboard and hit your head?

      How do you explain the bite marks on her face, neck and arms, and the couple’s 2 year-old pit bull standing over her bloody body.

      Ladders do not leave bite marks (get real).

      The neighbors must be pit bull apologists like you.

      1. Shannon says:

        All of this is speculation. No bite marks, just reports of the dead woman, blood and a fallen ladder. When the autopsy report comes back we can all jump on the pit bulls are vicious band wagon. Oh a colored man murdered someone the other day. I think I will make my screen name “blacksAreVicious” Stupid Much?

      2. PitBullsAreVicious says:

        To Shannon:

        Read the article attached to the following link for more details about this vicious pit bull attack:

        In the article it states that the victim of the vicious pit bull attack had bite marks on her face, neck and arms, and the couple’s 2 year-old pit bull was standing over her bloody body.

        Sorry Shannon, but a ladder does not leave bite marks.

        For Shannon to equate a vicious pit bull with a persecuted human minority group shows how low pit bull apologists will stoop to make excuses for their vicious pit bulls.

        Shannon, unlike your fellow skin head buddies, most people understand that human beings, from persecuted minority groups, should not be equated with vicious pit bulls

        Your racist statement reflects your blind love for vicious pit bulls and your hatred for all humans, especially minority groups.

        By making that statement, you display the typical psychopathic and antisocial tendencies of vicious pit bull owners.

  3. Delores says:

    Everyone leaving a comment about how great pits are in the comments section of this article just looks like a complete idiot. You know, this website says, they’re the greatest most gentle intelligent loving nanny dogs. Except they kill their owners, nincompoops! ROFL

    At least distance yourself a little bit from the bloody bodies. You’ll have more cred.

  4. Samantha says:

    The article above is a little more detailed in the facts of what the husband walked into. Explains in more detail. I am a pitt owner and I have owned other kinds of dogs. There is good and bad in every breed just like in human nature. Most situations can be prevented. Such a sad story and my thoughts are with the victim’s family.

    Here is some food for thought for the “ranters and ravers” on dog killings. When you look up dog bite statistics. More than half the time the Pittbull involved is Male and not neutered or it is unknown. The attacks that involve females mostly involve more than one dog and at least one was not spayed/neutered. The Pittbull attacks that were done by a Pittbull who was spayed/neutered were done to mostly non-family member. So, the Pittbull rates would not be so high if the OWNERS would take care of their animals and take the responsibility of getting them neutered/spayed especially since there is a direct link to aggression/territorial behaviors in non-neutered/spayed dogs (some more than others) and training them properly along with adequate socialization there would not be so many issues. What was interesting is there are other breeds on the list with statistics but most attacks where done to in home family members, the dog was spayed/neutered, not chained up, and no other dogs involved. That’s a little scary to me. Plus Pittbulls make up more of the dog population than the others so of course the number is going to be higher.

  5. blah says:

    I hate dogs…or animals for pet..

  6. blah says:

    Pitt Bull are one of the UGLIEST dogs ever…

  7. J says:

    Question: where did the pit come from? I used to live in a county with a fighting ring and too many pits who went through the shelter got returned for bites and attacks (including one who went off and bit 6 people) and put down so they got tougher on who got adopted out and who got put down after being picked up. So maybe the history of the dog was murky. The thing about the other dog is it saw the killing and “may” be a risk now too (and that could go for any breed but I am sorry, definitely a pit because there is a higher risk with them period). As a kid the neighbors gsd mutt started killing cats and then stocking us neighbor kids. At some point animal control got involved and the dog had to be put down. My grandma’s pit mix had to be locked up because she was too vicious when us kids came over. I’ll I remember is the docile senior who was sweet and had no idea there were issues when she was younger.

  8. J says:

    “It is extremely unlikely that they [pit bull-type dogs and Rottweilers] accounted for anywhere near 60% of dogs in the United States during that same period and, thus, there appears to be a breed-specific problem with fatalities.”[8]

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