SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – A 12-foot beam that dangled from under a Highway 99 overpass Monday clogged traffic for hours.

The steel bridge support was ripped off the bottom of the bridge by a passing big rig. Caltrans had to use a blowtorch to cut off the steel beam on the 77-year-old McConnel railroad bridge.

At 14’5”, it’s one of the lowest in the Sacramento area, according to Caltrans.

One of two southbound lanes was closed for more than two hours. Traffic backed was up for about a mile.

A witness says the truck was out of Modesto and was carrying car parts.

Comments (3)
  1. gerty says:

    Cut it off?? Did a structural engineer inspect it or did caltrans decide it was ok to just cut it off??

    1. bob says:

      my thoughts exactly. nothing screams safety like removing reinforcement beams from a 77 year old bridge.

  2. M V Rajendra Reddy says:

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