Don starts by talking about the propane fire in Lincoln, where Phantom lives, then tells a story about a moth flying into his ear when he was 10. The guys then get into a long discussion about garbage, recycling, and Craig loving life if he was a garbage man. The guys then discuss why men’s clothing is always cut differently depending on the manufacturers.

Don then reads a story he found about the Bill Murray movie Groundog Day, in which it is estimated that Bill’s character, Phil Connor, spent ten years on the exact same day. This leads to Dave’s theory on what Phil was really doing during that time, off the camera.

After a round of “Stump The Stoop” with Engineer Bruce, the guys go through Busted magazine, and then go into the brand new “Phantom News Hour” Don wraps everything up with a caller 100, and Drew finishes us off with a happy ending!


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