One of Don’s favorite Comediennes, Kathy Griffin gives Don a call to plug her show on August 26 at the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton, which she warns will have lots of cursing, and to personally invite Don to come to the show and get a picture with Kathy backstage.

Don tells Kathy that he first became a fan of hers when he saw her guest star on an episode of Seinfeld, and Kathy says that’s one of the easiest ways for her to tell her straight fans from her gay fans. Kathy talks about her legendary gay following, but says she isn’t expecting a huge gay crowd in Stockton.

Don brought up the recent episode of “Same Name” on CBS where Kathy switched places with a woman who shares the same name in Fayetville, Georgia and all of the awkward moments she had, like going to the woman’s Southern Baptist Church, and spending time with the woman’s husband who very closely resembles O.J. Simpson.

Kathy talks about her good friend Joan Rivers, and the time Joan took her to England to have lunch with Prince Charles.

Kathy will be at The Bob Hope Theater Friday, August 26.


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