gov jerry brown Brown Unveils California Jobs PlanSACRAMENTO (CBS13) — On Thursday Gov. Jerry Brown revealed his new plan to get Californians back to work – and to keep businesses from leaving the Golden State.

The plan starts with $1 billion in tax relief to companies that purchase new manufacturing equipment. That’s why electric car maker Tesla Motors is supporting the plan.

Tesla’s Diarmuid O’Connell told CBS13, “We would be more likely to expand those operations in this state and as a natural consequence of that we would be hiring more people.”

Just how many more new hires for California is unclear, but one thing that will help, Brown said, is to stop punishing companies for creating jobs in California.

“Every time an out-of-state company moves a job out of California, then they get a tax break,” Brown said at his Capitol news conference Thursday. “And every time they hire within California, they increase the taxes they pay.”

Brown’s plan is to change the tax code by applying the Single Sales Factor (SSF) to all businesses in California. It would eliminate what Brown called “an outrageous and perverse tax incentive that encourages multi-state businesses to create jobs outside of the state.”

It could mean rewarding bio-tech companies like Genentech for hiring more people in California.

Will it create a stronger business climate in California?

“Absolutely,” said Andrea Jackson of Genentech. “Particularly in growing industries like the biotech industry.”

The governor was surrounded by nearly a dozen business leaders Thursday, but Republicans at the Capitol called the plan too little – too late.

Brown said he’s been meeting with Republicans privately to get their support. “Whenever we talk to Republicans it’s always in the dead of night, so we don’t like to tell you about it,” he said in jest.

The governor’s job plan has to move quickly because the legislature’s last day of session in Sept. 9.

Comments (11)
  1. Richard S. Hughey says:

    I am certain that these new jobs will require that applicant join a union of some kind, jerry is a union pupet and anything he does directly supports the UNION. Once these new business are up and running the new hires will strike and demand that they be given part of the company. Watch and see!

    1. John says:

      LOL LOL ….typical scare tactic form a LOSER TEA-BAGGER! LOL LOL

  2. Kimberly says:

    Richard S. Hughey, Was there any mention of union leaders at this announcement? Brown is bending over backwards to help companies stay in CA. It’s obvious that your ideaology won’t allow you to see what’s in front of your own eyes.

    1. liberal hater says:

      We can only go on his past Kimberly, not his word!!

      1. John says:

        AAAAAGGGHHHHHH! Another LAME tea-bagger! All you tea-baggers are just JEALOUS that your governor Arnold NEVER did anything even close to what Brown is trying to do…..LOSER!

  3. John says:

    “…but Republicans at the Capitol called the plan too little – too late.” WHAT?!?!?! Who the hell do they think they are?!?!? It is NOT TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!!! GO BROWN! Them republicans are just being OBSTRUCTIVE to the progress of this state! Why? Because THEY WANT TO WIN THE NEXT GOVERNOR’S RACE and also want to GAIN SEATS in state Congress! LOSERS! DO YOUR JOB FOR YOUR CONSTITUENTS! CROOKS!

    1. Fred says:

      “OBSTRUCTIVE” is not a word (at least in the english language), and there is no “state Congress”. You appear to be somewhat of a moron with too much time on yourt hands, or perhaps a noble state employee. Same difference.

  4. teaplease says:

    or the new businesses will have to hire state uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunion employees that could put them out of business, and the beat goes on and the beat goes on, chaos reigns at the state capital, think I will join the tea party if they will allow independents to join them, i drink to much coffee anyway.

  5. r e says:

    Hey John read the guidelines you should not call other posters with a different opinion than yours names that is very immature, now go crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under.

  6. ahgee says:

    You can keep right on reporting me john and I will keep right on reporting you in return, now isn’t that fun, isn’t that intelligent. If CBS discriminates posters who disagree with you and remove our posts then they are hard up and having always had CBS as our reliable news it is hard to believe that they would do that.

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