SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) -– Nearly a decade later on a $6.3 billion Caltrans project, and the new East Span of the Bay Bridge is starting to come together.

CBS13’s Neda Iranpour had a unique view of the bridge’s progress – some 525 feet above the bay on the world’s largest self-anchored suspension span.

What does that mean? One large cable made up of 17,000 mile-long strands will connect a span of the Bay Bridge.

“It’s the only one of its type with a single tower and one cable that supports the whole thing,” said project spokesman Bart Ney.

The cable will be pulled on a catwalk. It’ll go to the top of the tower down around to the other side, then connect together. The tension will be so tight it’s going to hold the bridge together. 3306

The final sections just delivered from China this weekend will fill in a gap to anchor the cable in place.

“It’s not your typical job, especially over the water like this,” Ney said.

And nearly 300,000 cars a day will be hoping this project works. It’s designed to handle major earthquakes and will be considered the lifeline from the East Bay to San Francisco.

The bridge is designed not only to not fall down but be immediately useable by emergency service vehicles, then open to public without rebuilding.

There’s a whole lot of materials that go into such a huge project. Some 350,000 bolts will connect 28 decks made up 67,000 tons of steel, and that’s just for the 2,000 foot section. This thing is 8 miles long.

The lighting for construction on the catwalk was turned on for the first time Monday.

The new Bay Bridge is expected to open at the end of 2013.

Comments (8)
  1. Mark says:

    The grammar in this article is simply horrendous. Why even bother posting?

  2. rfree says:

    the information in the article is also horrendous; the writer just took the propaganda that the agency told her without independently checking any facts. Major bridge engineers have said this design is not safe, which is why it is the only one in the world like this. One of them, UC Prof TY Lin said it would be “a monument to ignorance.” The “major earthquake” it is designed to withstand is just a computer model; a strong distant earthquake could seriously damage the structure.

  3. Plain Truth says:

    Beyond EPIC FAIL… In the following catagories: news reporting, bridge engineering, & last but surely not least, the city of San Francisco.

  4. BillM says:

    whoops last sentence in above post should have ended ACTIONS ARE TOO LOUD

  5. m says:

    Damn even our bridges are made in China.

  6. Sean Young says:

    Sections being built in China, huh? Anyone want to bet there will be a catastrophic failure in the next 2-3 years. Hope I’m wrong. More than that……….hope I’m not on the bridge when it goes.

  7. Matthew Parvin says:

    Sean Young, I had the same thoughts, China IS NOT our friend, sure, they’ll trade with us, but let’s look at our history, they have continually sent us tainted and bad products, why would they send us a good engineering section for a bridge that could sends hundreds of people to the ocean in another disater?

    1. Danny says:

      Matt – the answer to your question is simple. The send what they will because we BUY from them. The implication is that we DO WANT quality, but DO NOT WANT to pay for it. The end result is poor quality products, dangerous accidents, and a failing economy.

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