Cache Of Ammo And Guns Found At North Highlands Home

NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) – California Highway Patrol officers have seized rounds of ammo and guns found at a North Highlands home after pulling over a known gang member.

Officers performed a traffic stop Wednesday afternoon and found the man in the car was a known gang member.

They also found a loaded gun in the car.

So officers got a search warrant to look through his home on La Cienega Drive near Don Julio Boulevard.

Inside officers found hundreds of rounds of ammo along with a rifle and gun.

No word if the suspect will face any charges.

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  • Guy

    LOL at “hundreds of rounds”.

  • Get a friggin clue.....

    Hey Guy,

    You would not be laughing if one of those hundreds of rounds his someone you love in the head and splattered their brains all over the wall….. Now would you???

    Not so funny now is it????????????

    • Guy

      The headline for the article says “Cache Of Ammo And Guns Found” suggesting there was a large stockpile of weapons and ammunition found in this guy’s home when all they found was couple hundred rounds and 2 guns. Sensational headline is sensational.

      The closing line of the article shows you how much research was for this piece.

    • Realistic

      “Hundreds of rounds” is not a big deal. Go into the home of any hunter/competitive shooter and you will find thousands of rounds of ammo. It also depends on what kind of ammo it was. If it was a few hundred rounds of .22 ammo, probably not a big deal considering most of time you have to buy that ammo in blocks of 500 anyway. If it was a few hundred rounds of .40 or 9mm… there may be more to the story. You should not go assuming facts about anything. (By the way, I am a hunter. You would probably be shocked to see what is in my gun safe.)

  • Dude

    That depends….is said person dressed like a clown?

  • Gryphon

    What misleading drool by the reporter. A few rounds of ammo and a couple of guns. You will probably find someting like this in most people’s homes. The only “saving” grace of this article is that it is about a known gang banger. At this point, I’m not sure if television people have even the slightest iota of journalistic integrity. This entire article is based solely on sensationalism.

  • William

    Every day you read garbage like this. I think Gryphon should get the reporters job

  • Ken

    Why are “hundreds of rounds” anything worth reporting.?

    Even thousands of rounds are no big deal. Some people like to buy in bulk.

  • Tinman

    Sensationalism? Yes! One more case of the liberal media helping to sway public opinion on the matter of gun ownership by law-abiding citizens. This week the anti-gun buffoons in the Ca-Law-Fornia legislature are voting on taking away more of the 2nd amendment rights from the law-abiding. Yep this one was a KNOWN gang member, so warrant was a good way to go as it is illegal to carry a loaded gun in a vehicle. However if this suspect is not a felon prohibited from owning, what then about those firearms at home. In my opinion if the legislature wants to make a senible gun law then KNOWN gang members should be classified as domestic terrorists and prohibited from possesing firearms just as felons are.

  • stacey

    So they found a rifle and a gun? Really? And here I always thought a rifle is a gun. Silly me!!!

    • Guy

      One is for fighting, one is for fun…

      • Marine guy

        Lolol i miss running around paridise island screamin that!! And wow!! Hundreds of rounds!?! Wait.. I buy my 12 gauge my 9mm and my .22 in larger amounts than that O.o woah is me!!

  • Chris

    Hundreds of rounds, oh no, think of the children!!!!

  • Raymond Molina

    actually hundreds of rounds is an understatement. there were thousands of rounds, a 9mm, 10/22 remington rifle, approx. 6000 rounds of ammo, with multiple 30 round clips, 30.06 sniper rifle, with a 1000 rounds of ammo, a mossburg 12gauge shotgun, 140 rounds of ammo, 83 boxes of 7.62 ammo, 20 per box and ect. ect. but they did an illegal search of the vehicle violating rights a us citizen is born with.o got off of probation/parole feb. 14th, 2011 an just because a person gets out of a vehicle and it is a sliver onto the sidewalk does not mean they can harrass nor search a persons vehicle. and by them searching the vehicle and taking the wrong steps to do so means that any further evidence found from that point on is in submissible to trial. so most often the case is dismissed cus of lack of evidence all because they went about it the WRONG way. feel free to comment back and give advice on the subject at hand…………

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