Roseville Man Suspected Of Abusing Toddler

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville live-in babysitter is suspected of scalding a toddler with hot water while the babysitter was drunk, according to police.

Roseville Fire Department paramedics and police officers went to a home near South Cirby Way and Wildwood Way at about 4 p.m. Wednesday on a medical emergency.

There they discovered the child, believed to be 3 years old, had suspicious injuries on his back. He was stabilized at a local hospital and then transferred to a pediatric hospital in Sacramento, according to police.

Investigators believe that the injuries occurred while both parents were at work and the child was in the care of Samuel Charles Flores, 23. Investigators believe that Flores, while intoxicated, scalded the child with hot water as a form of discipline for misbehavior.

Flores was arrested on suspicion of child abuse and willfully causing traumatic injury to a child. He’s being held in the Placer County Jail on $50,000 bail.

  • BUBU Bear cell block C

    Come on Big Man I have your bubble bath ready.

  • SMH

    would you let THAT guy take care of your kid? they should lock the parents up too!

  • Whitey

    Nice mustache, bean dip, enjoy your stay at the CDC.

  • blmc

    No the parents shouldn’t! They trusted him to watch their child so they could work! They”re amazing parents and great ppl! The guy deserves to be beaten and burned himself!

  • Richard S. Hughey

    The Parents were working, I know that concept is difficult to understand for some of you but it is the norm for most of us that pay to keep your EBT card charged with plenty of cash. They weren’t using up free child care, most likely they didn’t qualify and were just trying to get by.

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