TRACY (CBS13) -– Two men robbed a Tracy bank Friday morning and escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police say two men robbed the UNCLE Credit Union at 1960 West Grant Line Road shortly after 10 a.m.

One suspect was described as a black man dressed like a construction worker wearing a blue hard hat and orange safety vest. He was armed with an automatic gun.

The second suspect was also a black man wearing a brown t-shirt, a cap and had dreadlocks. He was armed with a hand gun.

Both were described as having average builds, about 5-foot-10 or 6 feet tall.

Police say one of the suspects went behind a counter, took an undisclosed amount of cash, then left with his partner.

The SWAT team was called out and conducted a yard-to-yard search with assistance from the CHP in the area but could not find the suspects.

While no schools were put on lockdown, police asked that West High School in Tracy keep students on campus during their lunch period.

Comments (4)
  1. mike r says:

    Times are tuff and it is going to get much worse. The men who drive those armored trucks are really at risk.

  2. GunOwner says:

    “Automatic” gun? I didn’t read anything that stated that there were shots fired, but yet the media knows for a fact that the weapon was an “automatic.” Here they go again reporting BS, so the gun-haters can get worked up. Why doesn’t the media just report the FACTS?

  3. HaHa says:

    The Village people in town?

  4. Cal says:

    @ GunOwner – Relax dude!!! They could have meant semi-auto…Many people nowadays know what a slide looks like compared to a cylinder. The press doesn’t get the description unless the police get one from the victim. Obviously, the victim can tell the difference, or the officer asked them to describe it and told them what the difference was… come on! The rest of us pro-gun advocates don’t need knee jerk reactions in comment sections like this.

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